32 Weeks

(I know not a very good belly picture, but the cake and decorations are so cute I just had to show them off again! Trust me, the belly is BIG)

How far along?: 32 weeks!!! We have made it to our first goal! 32 weeks and 50 inches around my belly! Holy cow! If I gain 2 inches a week I am going to topple over when I stand up before too long.  Everyone keeps telling me that I look small for being pregnant with twins, but I am only 5’2” which is 62 inches tall, and being 62 inches tall and 50 inches around makes you feel huge! Trust me!

Total weight gain: 37.5, I didn’t gain any weight this week.  Although I definitely feel like I did!

How big are the babies?: Noah weighs 4lbs 3 oz and Ian weighs 3lbs 14 oz.  They have slowed down in their weight gain, but are still growing perfectly.  They should gain about 1/2lb a week for the next few weeks until they arrive.

Maternity clothes?: Of course! My shirts keep getting shorter and shorter.  I figured out one outfit I will be able to wear throughout my entire pregnancy, my maxi dress!! My genius sister mentioned it to me so that I would quit having nightmares about going to the hospital naked!! No more naked nightmares for me.

Stretch marks?: They just keep coming! My Dr told me this week that I just got stuck with the short end of the stick.  Hopefully after the babies are born I can use something to make them fade, but stretch marks are just a part of pregnancy.

Sleep?: Not happening! The boys usually settle down at night around 10:30 then they wake up around 1, 3:00-3:30, 5:30, 7:00 and 9:00.  They follow this routine almost every night, sometimes they won’t wake up at 3 or 5:30, but most nights this is how it goes.  Isn’t it amazing they follow the same schedule every night? I am just praying this is not the schedule they follow after they are born.

Best moment this week?: I had so many best moments this week I don’t know if I could pick just one.  Sunday my friends hosted a baby shower for us.  It was beautiful and amazing and we ended up with a lot of the baby stuff we still needed.  Sunday evening we had our maternity shoot.  It was so much fun! I cannot wait to see the pictures and share them with all of you! Tuesday my work hosted a baby shower for us.  It was so great to get to go up to work and see everyone, I have missed them! They even bought our double stroller for us! I cannot tell you what a blessing that is! Now I can take both boys out on my own! Today my Grandma, yes Grandma, come over and cleaned my entire house for me! She is one amazing woman! She cleaned everything from top to bottom, including bathrooms, the living room, kitchen and our room, scrubbed all the floors, vacuumed, dusted, folded and put away our clothes, washed our sheets and remade our bed and even cleaned the baseboards! My house has never been so clean! Today a good friend of mine came over and helped me wash all of the cloth diapers and get the babies’ clothes put away.  This week has been amazing and it is only Thursday!

I know I am on modified bedrest and I promise the only days I was out was Sunday for the shower/picture, Monday for my doctors appointment and Tuesday for my work baby shower, but all my outings involved lots of sitting and I have been home since Tuesday! I’m trying my best to keep these babies in as long as possible, but it has been such a blessing being able to see all my friends, celebrate the upcoming arrival of my boys, and prepare everything for the boy’s appearance into the world!

Movement?: Oh my goodness yes! I thought they would slow down at some point just because they are running out of room, but no they are just as active as ever! I have been complaining all week about Ian’s river dancing on my cervix and I don’t know that Jeremy totally believed me, but this week during our ultrasound while they were measuring my cervix you could actually see Ian’s little foot right on top of my cervix just wiggling around! It was crazy! You are not supposed to see a foot there! They have gotten so big that you can see my belly move with almost all their movements, especially when they have the hiccups! I just love to watch them move around in there, I seriously think I could just sit here and “play” with them all day!

Food cravings?: Cherry limeades and Icees.  I think because they are cold and delicious and I am hot all the time.

Labor signs?: Everything has been about the same the last week.  My cervical length has shortened a little, but not enough to concern anyone.  I am still having contractions but they have been about the same.  We will start NSTs next week to monitor my contractions, but other than that I am suppose to just stay on modified bed rest and rest as much as I can (which is really really hard for me).

Belly button in or out?: Half out half flat.  It may just stay this way until the babies come.  I sure hope it returns to normal once they are born!

What I miss: Being able to do everyday tasks with ease.  Everything has gotten so hard and I am exhausted all the time.  I really miss actually being able to clean the house when I want to, driving comfortably, cooking for my hubby, and being able to walk without as much effort.  I am just getting to the bulky pregnant stage and everything is difficult to do.

What I’m looking forward to: Completely finishing the nursery and organizing all the babies’ stuff.

Milestone: My fetal fibronectin (preterm labor) test came back negative!! Yay! So we are 98% sure we have at least another 2 weeks before the babies arrive, that means we will make it to 34 weeks.  Hooray! I am so excited! My goal is to make it to 36 weeks, then I have the best chance at being able to bring the babies home with me from the hospital and them not visiting the NICU.

This week was a pivotal week for us.  We have officially met our first goal of getting the babies to 32 weeks! This is amazing! Outcomes are so much better once you pass the 32 week mark.  Of course we want them to stay cooking as long as possible, but it is a huge blessing to make it to this milestone.  With my fetal fibronectin test coming back negative we are 98% sure we will make it to 34 weeks which means my parents will be in town for the birth of the babies!!  My Dr also informed me that we will not be doing anymore fetal fibronectin tests because once you reach 34 weeks they will not do anything to stop labor if I do go into labor.  If we make it to 34 weeks than they will not give me the steroid injection for the babies’ lungs either, he said that outcomes were so good at 34 weeks that they did not feel the babies needed it.  That is so encouraging! I feel like we have made it to such an essential point in my pregnancy now we just need to make it to our next goal of 34 weeks!

On top of making it to 32 weeks this week has also been a week of blessings and it is only Thursday.  We have been blessed with 2 baby showers, amazing maternity pictures, a clean house and great friends who have helped me organize and get ready for the babies.  It has been amazing to see our friends and family all jump in to help us out.  I don’t think anyone realizes how hard bed rest (even modified bed rest) can be unless you have gone through it and we cannot express how grateful we are to everyone who has offered to help us in one way or another.  We have been able to check so many things off our “baby to do list” and we are getting to the point where I feel like we may actually be ready for these babies before they arrive.  We have a few things left to do, but we have made some serious progress.  I still am amazed at how people jump in to help and support you when you need it the most! We are extremely blessed to have all of our family and friends in our life! I cannot say thank you enough for everything you all have done for us!


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