Baby Showers

Throughout our pregnancy we have been blessed with several baby showers from our amazing friends and family.  I honestly don’t know if you have never had a baby or never had twins if you can truly understand what a blessing these showers are to the expecting families! Once Jeremy and I found out we were having twins we were ecstatic….until we realized how much stuff you need to take care of one baby…and then we would need to multiply that by two and that is not including the extra doctors visits, tests, co-pays, time off work, etc.  I get told a lot that I am lucky because I get two for the price of one, but that is not true, I am blessed to have two on the way, but it is very much two for the price of two! We have to buy all the things new parents do not have times 2 and sometimes that can be a little daunting.

I don’t know why I even start worrying about how we are going to purchase everything we need for the babies, because God always has everything under control! He decided to put amazing friends and family in our life who have blessed us beyond anything I ever would have dreamed.

Our first baby shower was planned by friends of my Mom’s

They did a beautiful job planning and hosting the baby shower! It is so amazing to watch a group of my Mom’s friends, who have been friends for years pull together and start planning baby and wedding showers to bless each other’s children! I couldn’t have asked for a better example of Godly woman than this group of women! We are so lucky and blessed to have each one of you in our life.

Jeremy’s parents also hosted a baby shower for us and included several people from the church we use to work at as youth pastors.  It was such a blessing seeing everyone and getting to share with them our excitement about our growing family!  It was neat seeing where God has taken each one of them since the church broke apart and to know that even if something terrible like a church closing occurs, God can still bring blessings from that! Each of these people have been in our life for several years and have watched Jeremy and I grow up as a couple.  It was so much fun to share with them a little part of our new adventure! Thank you all for taking time out of your schedule to bless our family!

Jeremy’s work and my work both put together showers for us! They also immensely blessed our little growing family! I am so amazed when people you work with care enough about you and your family to take the time to plan a baby shower for you and celebrate with you in welcoming two little ones into this world.  Jeremy’s work blessed us with one of our car seats (so now we have 2 and can take both babies home from the hospital) and mine bought our double stroller for us so now I can venture out of the house with both babies (this is still a terrifying thought to me)! I don’t think either group understood how much they were blessing us, but when you have to buy car seats times 2 and a double stroller it is not cheap.  These were big ticket items we had left on our registry that we really needed and the people we work with  jumped right in and met our needs! What a great community we are in!

My beautiful and amazing friends decided to put together a shower for us as well! Just when you feel you couldn’t be more loved, people jump in and show you just how loved you really are.  This group of women contains some of the most amazing Godly women I could surround myself with.  Each one of them have touched my life and blessed me in ways you never could imagine.  Some I have known my entire life others I have known several years, but they are each just as important to me.  I am so thankful God brought each one of them into my life.  During this shower I received almost everything I needed for the boys and Allison decided to put together a parenting advice book, my parenting “manual” full of advice from all the moms from birth through teenage years! During this shower I felt so loved, seeing friends and their excitement about the arrival of my two precious boys just melted my heart! This group of women will be in my life for a long time to come and I am so grateful for that!

If you ever think about putting together a baby shower for someone I strongly encourage you to do it! I wish I could express what a blessing each of our showers was/is to our little family but I cannot find the right words to use.  These showers were an answer to prayer! If you find yourself sitting down crunching the numbers trying to figure out how much twins are going to cost your family just to buy the essentials and you start to feel that panic set in, just have a little faith, trust God and He will provide! He will provide through the amazing people around you who love you and your unborn children more than you could ever know!

Thanks to everyone who planned or came to one of our baby showers! You have forever blessed our family and now we are able to take care of our boys! I cannot wait for the boys to be here and have the opportunity to meet everyone that loved them before they were even born!


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2 Responses to Baby Showers

  1. Charity says:

    Oh my gosh Whitney… Thx for making me CRY. This was beautiful… I could feel the love in every word! ou are a VERY blessed woman and I am so happy to hear that you guys are doing so well, and that OF COURSE our God is providing! Love all FOUR of you, and hope to see you soon!:)

  2. Whitney says:

    I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life! I honestly couldn’t ask for better friends and family than I have. It is amazing how God uses people to bless you throughout your every day life, especially when you are in a place where you need help. I just cannot express how much each one of these people mean to me! I can’t wait for the boys to arrive and they can meet all the special people on our life!

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