35 Weeks 2 Days

How far along?: 35 weeks 2 days! Most twins come between 34-36 weeks which would be now! Hopefully the boys will be here any day!

Total weight gain: I have gained 6 pounds in the last 2 ½ weeks. The good news is the babies actually gained 4 of those 6lbs!! I have been more swollen the last few weeks than I have been my entire pregnancy (still not bad compared to many other pregnant women) and I am not a fan of the swollen fingers, feet, legs and knees. I actually got my wedding ring stuck on my finger this week! I thought if I just kept pushing it on it would pass the “fat” part of my finger and fit fine, well I was wrong! It got stuck! And as my finger started tingling, going numb and turning a very pretty shade of purple I started getting a little nervous because my ring would not move! I ended up getting Jeremy who sprayed my finger with Pam and then helped me squeeze my ring off my finger….I guess I can’t wear my wedding ring anymore…..

How big are the babies?: We went to see our high risk specialist Monday and the babies have gained 2lbs a piece over the past 2 ½ weeks! Ian weighs 5lbs 12oz and Noah weighs 5lbs 13oz! They are growing machines! I am so proud our little man Ian caught up with Noah on his weight, I guess he decided to quit letting his brother steal all the food!

Sleep?: I am still not sleeping and it only seems to get worse each day. Now I have started having really bad back cramps and contractions that wake me up throughout the night so between the contractions, having to pee every hour and the heart burn there is not much sleep going on.

Best moment this week?: Getting to see my boys at their last 3D/4D ultrasound and my parents coming in town! Now that my parents have moved back the babies can come any day!

Movement?: These two little ones are crazy! They have so much energy and are so active! Ian has flipped and has his head on my right and feet sometimes on my cervix and sometimes on my left with his little tush down and Noah has his head on my left with his feet on my right. They love to spend their day kicking each other in the head and wrestling! They also get the hiccups at least once a day, when they both have them at the same time it makes my belly feel like it is going to bounce off and roll onto the floor! I love all their little wiggles (which really aren’t so little anymore) but my belly is getting sore! It even is sore to the touch, a lot of times I find myself dreading going to places where I know people will want to touch and rub my belly because sometimes it just hurts.

Food cravings?: Icys, lemonade, cherry limeades and anything yummy, refreshing and cold! It is so dang hot in Oklahoma that you just need something cold and yummy to cool you off!

Labor signs?: Everything has been about the same, just more irregular contractions. I have started having really bad lower back cramps (back labor) in conjunction with my contractions which I am not a fan of. My contractions have increased a lot, but have not been consistent since last Thursday. All they really do is irritate the boys and make my belly sore. Ian feels like he is going to fall out any day now! There are actually times I get a little nervous about his little foot just popping out!

What I miss: Being able to sleep flat and typing on the computer without having to prop the lap top up on a pillow and lean back so my belly is not in the way!

What I’m looking forward to: My boys making their grand entrance soon! The boys weigh almost 12lbs together and I honestly don’t know how much more my belly can stretch or how much additional weight my body can carry! My body is just getting worn out and tired! Needless to say, I am ready to meet our little guys!

Milestone: Making it to 35 weeks and not going into labor on Thursday night before my parents made it in town! As much as I wanted the boys to come they now have had a chance to “cook” for another week which is best for them, and now that my parents are here it feels like everything is ready.

I went to see my regular OB-GYN yesterday and we discovered that I have a little pregnancy induced hypertension going on.  My blood pressure has been running high the last week and has not come down.  I had the pleasure of doing my second 24 hour urine for this pregnancy (trust me it is not as exciting as it sounds).  This test is so much easier to do when you are newly pregnant than when you are 35 weeks along.  Just trying to make it into the nun’s cap every time I had to go to the bathroom was a challenge and then bending over to poor everything into those lovely orange jugs was even more difficult! Do you know how hard it is for me to bend over!?!? It’s nearly impossible, but very entertaining! I am so glad to be free from my pee jug, we had a great relationship while it lasted, but I can’t say I am sorry to see him go! The 24 hour urine will test for protein in my urine and a possible diagnosis of preeclampsia.  I have not had any protein in my urine with any past tests which is why my doctor thinks it is pregnancy induced hypertension instead.  We are making a few medication and dietary changes and will watch my blood pressure over the next few days to see if the changes help reduce my blood pressure.  Once the babies reach 36 weeks my dr said outcomes are so good for them that my health becomes more important than theirs and she will not allow my pregnancy to continue if she feels it is compromising my health.  So essentially if we cannot get my blood pressure under control by next week we may have babies!  There is a huge part of me that is ready to have these babies because I am uncomfortable, hurting and my belly feels like it is on fire from stretching so much, but there is also a bigger part of me that would love for my babies to make it to 38 weeks.  Then I would know for sure I would have two healthy, chubby adorable baby boys who will get to go home from the hospital when Jeremy and I when we leave.  What an amazing blessing that would be!

I am sure every pregnant woman goes through this but it seems like EVERYONE has an opinion as to when the babies should make their arrival. I get asked on an almost daily basis if the babies are here yet (I promise I will tell you when they are, and does my belly look this big normally?) and then when I respond no they proceed to tell me when would be a good time for them for the babies to make their grand entrance into the world. Everyone has the day they want them to come, because they are going out of town, can’t get off work, want to leave town, would like them to be born on their birthday or just have certain days that are more convenient for them than other days. The thing is babies really don’t care what you have going on this day or that day, they are going to come when they are ready! And trust me Jeremy and I want these babies here more than anyone, especially me who is carrying around 12lbs of baby! I would love for them to come when it is perfect for everyone’s schedule, but babies just don’t work that way. I also wonder what people think I am going to do about it when they tell me what day they do or don’t want the babies to come. I can’t exactly make a deal with the boys to only come on certain days, they get to decide! They are already running everyone’s schedule and dictating what they want to do, which they will do for a while! I am sorry to anyone who does not get the day they want, but honestly there is nothing I can do about it! My boys will come when they are ready, no sooner and no later, it may work for your schedule, it may not, but at least we will have two healthy precious little ones!

As the delivery day of the babies gets closer it has made me think a lot about how I want our special day to go. I know I will be having a C-section because the babies are in the worst position they could possibly be in, but there still are a few things I really want to make sure we get to enjoy. As long as the babies do not have to go to the NICU I will be able to carry them out of the OR, but I really want to make sure Jeremy and I get to snuggle the babies before anyone else and get plenty of time to meet our two precious boys before sharing them with everyone. I promise everyone will get to hold the boys, but we will only get those first few moments with them once and I want to truly treasure the first time we get to meet our boys. I also want Jeremy to have the opportunity to bathe the babies, just the two of us. I won’t be able to help because of the C-section and spinal making my legs numb, but the babies will be bathed in our room so I can watch and take pictures as Jeremy gets to know his boys for the first time! I really want this moment to be just the two of us. I think these small precious moments are so special and important and it is easy to get caught up in what everyone else wants and trying to make everyone happy especially when you are having the first grandbabies, but I just think it is so important for Jeremy and I to treasure these first few moments as a family of 4 just us before introducing the boys to everyone. Of course we want them to meet everyone and cannot wait to show them off (trust me they are going to be the cutest babies you ever will see), but bonding as our new family of 4 and sharing those intimate moments with my Hubby is extremely important to me. I cannot wait! I know the boys will be here soon (maybe today?) but at the same time 3 weeks seems so far away! The anticipation is going to kill me!!! I am so excited to meet our two precious boys and show them off to all of you!!

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4 Responses to 35 Weeks 2 Days

  1. Deanna says:

    I just stopped by from Multiples and More to say congrats on your soon-to-arrive babies! Looks like you are doing great. Good luck with your next few weeks…it’s hard, but it WILL get better. : )

  2. Caitlin says:

    Yeouch. Sounds so tiring and sore! All the best. Hope you can cope with other people’s comments as well as all the physical demands of concluding a double pregnancy!

  3. Renee says:

    I’m at 35 weeks and 2 days today… but I only have one munchkin in there! Don’t people and their opinions and schedules drive you crazy sometimes?

  4. Whitney says:

    Thank you all! I am so glad I am not the only one who gets tired of people and their opinion! I know they mean well and are just talking, but it is amazing to me once you become pregnant that everyone has an opinion about everything. At least they are all excited about the babies! Congratulations Renee on your new little one! Only a few more weeks! Almost there! Deanna, thank you for the encouragement. These last few weeks have definitely been the hardest, especially physically. I think just the weight of carrying around 2 babies and everything that comes with them is really hard on your body. I have a hard time doing anything and it seems like it just gets harder by the day. Only 2 more weeks!!

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