First Baths!

Once we arrived home from the hospital our week was full of lots of firsts.  Among those first was the boys first bath and Jeremy and I first time giving the boys a bath at home.  The best part was that Jeremy and I didn’t have to fight over who got to bath the baby because there are two babies so we each were able to bath one! There really are some huge blessings to having twins, twice the love, twice the snuggles, twice the smiles and Jeremy and I get to enjoy those with the boys individually and separately.  We are so blessed!

Ian was first to have his bath.  He is our more temperamental of the two so we thought we should bath him while he was happy……

Which wasn’t for long….

Apparently he is just not a fan of baths

But he was a happy baby afterwards.

Noah was next and he did great!

This little man is so laid back that hardly anything bothers him.

He may fuss a little but he calms right down, most days he barely cries at all

There really isn’t much better than the smell of clean babies!

I think Noah was a little hungry after his bath….

Overall their first baths went really well! Honestly though, how can you resist the cuteness of these two!?!

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