A Bond Like No Other

(Ian and Noah wrestling, they got into this position all on their own)

Sometimes having twins makes me feel like an outsider getting the chance to peek into the special bond twins have.  A bond that is different than siblings, much stronger, something only twins can understand.  I have a younger sister whom I adore and would do anything for, but already my boys relationship with each other seems so much closer than my sister and I could ever be.  From the moment these two were born they seemed to have each other’s back, almost as if they were watching out for one another.  They loved to snuggle and preferred being squished close together than being separated.  I could tell from the very beginning that these two had something special, a friend for life, a bond no one else would understand, someone to have their back, go on adventures with, giggle with, and be mischievous with.  Something very special only a few individuals ever get to experience.

When we first brought them home from the hospital we tried sleeping them in the pack-N-play side by side. Once we laid them down they would wiggle and wiggle until they got so close one’s nose would be touching the other’s forehead.  I was afraid they would get too close and have trouble breathing throughout the night so we decided to place them in the same boppy.  This is how they slept until they got too big to fit in the boppy.  Every morning we would wake up to find the boys cuddling often times one would have his hand on the other one’s arm as if to say

“I’m here bubba, if you need me…”.

When the boys were a few weeks old I started noticing that when one would get upset the other one would put his hand on his crying brother and pat him.  The upset baby would immediately calm down.  When I first saw this I thought it was a fluke, but then they started doing it several times a day.  It was then that I knew they were concerned about each other and trying to comfort their brother when he needed his buddy to calm him down.

A bond no one but twins can understand….

I wonder what it would be like to have a buddy you have literally known your entire life, from the moment of conception.  You grew together in your mother’s womb and entered this big bright world on the same day, together.  These two have a bond deeper than anyone can understand.  The bond of a brother who has been with you from the beginning.  The bond of a playmate who will know you better than anyone else.  Even though they are fraternal and very different from each other they still seem to sense when the other one is upset or hurting and they try everything they can to let their brother know they are there and will always be there.

Around 6 weeks old the boys started getting too big to share the same boppy all night long.  The night they slept in separate boppys made my heart break.  It was so hard for me to separate them even though they were still in the same pack-N-play. Although the boys no longer sleep in the same boppy, each morning after their 5am feeding I move them into my bed and place them in the same boppy together and watch as they snuggle up to one another and one puts his arm around the other one.  As I watch these two interact I can’t help but feel blessed to have the opportunity to peek into the world of twins and share in these moments with them.  I can’t help but feel so much joy to watch the bond these two precious boys share.  I am so excited to watch their relationship grow and blossom as they get older and go on imaginary adventures together, experience joy and pain, make friends and lose friends, have failures and great victories, celebrate together and comfort each other during hard times.  These two have a buddy that knows them better than anyone else will, and someone who will be there for them throughout every stage of their life.  A bond stronger than siblings, a bond only twins understand.

They have been buddies from day one and will remain buddies for the rest of their life.

Here’s to a partner in crime and a buddy who will always be there for you!


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