Cloth Diapers

How can you get over the cuteness?

We have officially begun cloth diapering full time and as strange as this may sound I LOVE it! There is just something extremely satisfying about not throwing your money in a trash can several times throughout the day.  We started using our cloth diapers at night about 6 weeks ago and have slowly eased into using them full time.  We began using them full time about a month ago.  They boys finally are big enough that the bulky cloth diapers do not make their legs bow however, they do end up with not so little padded booties! But there is nothing wrong with a little extra padding, especially when you are 12 weeks old.

To be honest I wasn’t sure how I would do when dealing with the poop situation in cloth diapers.  It really hasn’t been that bad! Since the boys are fed formula their poop is more formed (yes I did just go there) and therefore easier to roll up in a flushable liner and flush down the toilet, which means no stinky diapers lying around! There was one day last week that Noah had a diarrhea spell.  This was not my favorite day.  I had to scrub the diapers a little more than I wanted to and was grateful my Mom brought over some disposable gloves.  Although the clean up was a little…well…disgusting if Noah had been in disposable diapers all 5 poopy diapers he had that day would have been blow-outs.  Which means I would have needed to bath Noah, clean outfits, and sterilize anything his was laying on 5 times that day! That does not make for a very happy Momma by the end of the day! Because Noah was in a cloth diaper I had to do a little more diaper clean-up but that was it.  Usually when we have a really bad poopy diaper we clean the diaper the best we can with wet wipes and then throw it in the washer and run a rinse cycle.  This makes the diaper as good as new! At the end of the day when we are done “rinsing” the dirty diapers we just run a rinse cycle with some bleach added in to clean the washer.  This just helps me feel like my clothes are not being washed with poop particles floating around in the washer.

We are still using disposable diapers when we are out and about, but lets face it, with two babies we really don’t leave the house very often.  Because we use pre-folds and covers it is just easier to not have to worry about taking a wet bag and additional diaper supplies with us.  We already have enough stuff to carry around without adding the diapering supplies.  When we were using disposable diapers full time we were purchasing about one large box of diapers a week or spending around $20-$25 a week on diapers.  I spent approximately $450 on all of our cloth diapers and accessories, which means after using cloth diapers for 5-6 months  they would have paid for themselves and any time after that is money saved! Can you believe that!? I am sure the boys will be in diapers for at least 2 years so any diapers used after 8-9 months old are free! The only supplies we have to buy on a monthly basis is the laundry detergent used solely for our diapers and the flushable liners.  At the most we spend about $25 a month on these two items.

We use pre-folds with covers made by Rumparoos, Grovia and Flips.  I actually love using the pre-folds because they reduce the amount of laundry I have to do.  By using pre-fold we are able to reuse the covers as long as they are not soiled.  We usually try to change the covers every 2-3 diaper changes even if they are not soiled just to be sure they do not begin to smell (which has never happened).  The Grovia diapers are made for snap-in inserts.  We have a few of these inserts and they are great and very easy to use, but are a little more expensive than the pre-folds.  My favorite covers are the Flips and Grovia diapers.  Flips are made for pre-folds and have handy pockets that cover the top of the pre-fold ensuring it will not leak.  Grovia also cover the pre-folds easily and come in a better selection of colors and prints.  I do like the Rumparoos, but they do not seem to fit my boys as well.  Rumparoos are made to be tighter around the thigh area.  As you can tell my boys were blessed with adorable chunky thighs and this brand of diapers just does not seem to fit my boys as well as the other two.  However I have several friends who really love their Rumparoo diapers so I believe it is important to try several brands and discover which brand is right for you.

I wash my diapers every-other-day which has worked out perfectly for us.  Before we started using cloth diapers I was worried about the smell that would build up while waiting to wash them.  We keep our diapers in a laundry hamper that is lined with a waterproof liner.  Our laundry hamper has a whicker lid on top.  We placed an air freshener onto this lid which has eliminated any odor that could come from the diapers.  To be honest, by using the air freshener you can hardly smell the diapers until you remove the lid.  When I am ready to wash the diapers I simply remove the waterproof liner from the hamper, carry it to the washer, and dump the entire contents of the bag along with the liner itself into the washer.  I do not have to touch anything, just dump and wash! We run all of our diapers through a rinse cycle and then proceed to wash them in hot water.  Usually Jeremy will dump the diapers and waterproof liner into the washer on his way to work and set the rinse cycle.  When I wake up with boys all I have to do is add laundry detergent and set the washer to the cycle needed to wash the diapers.  Later during the day when I have a moment I switch the diapers to the dryer and then they are done! Fresh clean diapers and no one has to run to the store at 2am when you run out of diapers! You just go to the dryer and grab a clean one!

To be honest, before using cloth diapers I was not really sure about them.  I mean really disposable diapers were invented to make our life easier, but just because something is easier does not always mean it is the best option.  Our cloth diapers were a large initial investment, but that investment only has to be made once and we have diapers that can be used on our boys until they are potty trained and on any babies that join our family in the future.  Having babies is expensive and working less so I can spend most of my time with the babies is a financial sacrifice.  It is great to have the opportunity to save money when we can, and there really is nothing cuter than a cloth diapered booty!

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