5 Months!!

On December 31st the boys turned 5 months old! I cannot believe it, my babies are getting so big!

This month has been so much fun! The boys are finally starting to sleep longer and we are not as sleep deprived as we once were and are finally getting a chance to rest, sit back and enjoy the boys.  I have honestly loved every most minutes of it!

These two precious boys have changed so much in the last month (really last 6 weeks, since I am late posting).  We thought these past 5 months have flown by, but I have a feeling the next 7 are going to go by even faster.

This month the boys suffered from their first illness.  Ian had congestion and coughing like you wouldn’t believe.  I never knew something so tiny could produce so much snot! Noah then became sick on Sunday and by Monday had quit eating which was when I knew it was time to go to the doctor. Noah loves his food and never skips a meal!

Ian just had a really bad cold like I thought, but Noah had his first ear infection.  Poor little guys they were so sad! We had just started settling into a routine and then the boys being sick completely altered our “normal”, whatever that really is.

They were both running fevers so they started eating more because that is what their little bodies needed.  They also decided not to sleep throughout the night because the poor precious boys just didn’t feel good.  That meant a week plus of no sleep for Jeremy and I.

Although we were sleep deprived (like when the boys were newborns) we completely understood.  The boys just needed some extra snuggles to make them feel better.

Noah, or Noah Bear as we love to call him because he is as snuggly as a little bear, is starting to look more and more like a toddler and less like a baby! Even though he is only 5 months old! My little bear is growing up fast!

Noah is still our laid back baby.  Not much upsets Noah.  Most days he is full of smiles and laughter, but when he is upset he can be very difficult to calm down.

Noah seems to be perfectly happy just laying on his back! He can roll over, but he has to really really want to before he will.  Most of the time I will see him reach for a toy and then just decide it isn’t worth the effort.  However, when he wants something, this little guy can move!

Noah’s favorite person in the world is his Daddy! I don’t think a baby could be more in love with his Dad than Noah is with Jeremy.  I call Jeremy Noah’s pacifier.  If Noah is upset all Jeremy has to do is walk in the room and Noah will immediately start smiling.

On the weekends all Noah wants to do is hang out with his Dad.  I’m telling you this little boy adores his Daddy! I think they are going to be best buds as Noah grows up and it makes this Mommy’s heart very happy to see them together.

We have been practicing sitting with the boys and Noah is finally able to sit on his own!! Although he hates it! He really would prefer to just lay down and enjoy life as it comes.

Noah also loves to chew on his hands and tries to sit up and suck on his fingers/hands (which he needs for supports) causing him to fall forward.  We are always there to catch him, but it leaves him frustrated in the end.

I don’t think we could have asked for a sweeter more smiley baby than Noah.  He brings so much joy to our life and love to our hearts.  He seriously is the easiest baby on earth.  I just can’t wait to wake up to his huge smiles every morning!

Ian is still our “Little Man”.  He is about an inch shorter and 3lbs+ smaller than Noah, but what he lacks in height and weight he makes up for in energy! This is one little ball of fire!

Ian is the loudest baby you ever will hear! He loves to talk, all the time.  But his talking is not quite baby chatter it is loud screeching for all to hear! He wants to make sure no one misses him.  He also loves to giggle and fills our house with so much laughter!

Ian is curious about everything and wants to get his hands and mouth on anything he can.  Because of his curiosity he has started doing things much earlier than Noah.  He has started sitting on his own and now does not want to lay down.  He also has decided it is time to stand!

Ian learned to sit on his own and no less than a week later was on to standing.  He cannot pull himself up yet, but if you stand him against something he will stand on his own and he loves the view from up there!

Ian is our go-getter.   He is ready to conquer the world by his first birthday! I try to snuggle him as much as I can because the older he gets the more and more he just wants to get down and go.

I am so proud watching him grow and meet all of his achievements, but I am also sad to see this time go by so fast! I think he is going to be my little one who is ready to grow up, but I just want him to slow down a little.

Ian is a mommy’s boy and when he cries he often says “mamma mamma…”.  I told Jeremy that is is his first word, but he continues to insist that he is just mumbling. Jeremy says babies cannot associate words with people at 5 months old, but what he forgets is that our babies are geniuses!

Ian says “mamma” every time he is upset and really wants me so I am claiming it as his first word, at least until he says something to decide otherwise!

Ian has started this fun little trick of putting his toes in his mouth.  He absolutely loves his feet and rolls around all day sticking his feet in his mouth.  He has even started trying to put his feet in his mouth while he is sitting which makes feeding quite challenging.

Today Ian learned that he can roll all across the living room! He even has the carpet burns on his belly to prove it! If he only would quit drooling maybe we could keep some clothes on this baby and protect him from rug burns as he explores the living room.  I think baby proofing the house is in our near future!

Ian may be loud, ornery, stubborn and incredibly driven but he is so much fun! He makes us laugh all the time as he squeals in delight when discovering something new.  Our house would be so quiet without Ian and I just love the noise he fills our home with!

This month I feel like we have had the opportunity to really step back and enjoy being parents.  Things do not seem so hard and we are starting to settle into a routine.

The boys personalities grow everyday and it is so neat to watch them develop and learn new skills.  They are a lot of fun! It is fun to see them play and interact with each other even if some of that interaction involves pinching their brother or trying to eat their brother’s elbow! Seriously, how do they learn to pick on their brother so early in life?!?

As the boys become more mobile I know these next few months are going to fly by. If we thought the boys changed a lot the first 5 months I think we are going to be in for a rude awaken throughout these next 7!

More rolling and crawling and walking are in our near future! Today Ian actually pulled his knees underneath him and pushed himself up with his arms! We all have our guesses as to when we think Ian will start crawling!

Twins are a lot of work, but with hard work comes great reward and our reward is truly great! Every morning I am reminded just how blessed I am when I wake up and see two smiles greeting me.

We get two to snuggle, two little ones to watch grow, twice the smiles, giggles and hugs every day.  We get to watch two completely different babies learn at their own pace and develop their own personalities.

My boys have the opportunity not many babies have, they get to grow up right alongside their best friend, their brother, and have a partner to discover life with.  It amazes me every day all that these boys learn.  From discovering their feet to learning to sit up and roll across the living room.

Each night as I clean up my living room, picking up toys and washing bottles to prepare for the next day I am in awe of God who chose to bless me with two perfect little boys.  I did nothing to deserve such an immense blessing and He decided to give it to me anyways.

When days are hard and I feel lost as a Mom or have no idea what to do, I still feel blessed and so full of love.  I am at the point finally when I get to truly enjoy my boys and I have to say I am loving every minute of it! Well except the minutes that are full of two crying babies! Let’s keep it real people!

I’m in love with these two blue eyed boys!!


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  1. Caitlin says:

    Almost time for the twins half birthday! Look forward to the next report!

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