Who Needs Sleep!?

(This is how the boys feel about nap time)

So I have to admit something…I have experienced my first parenting failure.. I know, there will be many, but this is my first!

You see my boys do not nap like “normal” babies, instead they prefer to be rocked, snuggled and held throughout their entire nap.  I know what you are thinking.. “how do you get anything done?”

That’s just it, I don’t! I spent the better part of last week trying to get the boys to nap in their beds and was met with utter failure.  It was a total disaster!

Around the times the boys normally nap, I would rock them until they fell asleep, and gently place them in their cribs.  About 15-20 minutes later they would both wake up and refuse to go back to sleep! Which meant that I was stuck with two cranky babies who refused to nap for an entire week!

Then the babies got sick.  Ian had awful congestion with massive amounts of snot running out of his nose and Noah suffered his first ear infection.  After going to the doctor, I gave up.  I completely gave in and decided we would revisit the nap-in-you-own-bed thing again once both of the babies felt better.

The boys are now 5 months old, and yes they should be napping in their beds.  The problem is that I love to hold and snuggle them.  With multiples my time is divided between two babies, so I never get the opportunity to just focus on one baby throughout the day.

When the babies are napping they are quiet and snuggly and I get to just hold them and stare at them.  I absolutely love it!!  I also am very aware that once they start crawling and walking they are going to be less likely to let me hold them, so I am treasuring every moment I get with them.

Well this is what has led me to our current predicament.  The boys will only nap if they are being held so I rotate and hold one during morning nap time and the other during afternoon nap time.

I think this habit is going to be harder for me to break than them, but I know it needs to be done.  I want my boys to have healthy sleeping habits and I honestly do want to be able to focus on house work or home work during their nap time so I am not up all hours of the night completing tasks after the babies have gone to bed.

I know this system will work better, but it is going to be hard.  We are going to have to buckle down and persevere through a week of no naps until I get the boys to nap in their beds.  So if you don’t hear from me, it is because I am dealing with two cranky nap-less babies and trying to correct my first parenting failure.

Oh Lord, please only let it take a week! I don’t know how many days of cranky babies this Mommy can handle!!

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