And Baby Makes 5….

Yes, you did indeed read the title of my post correctly.  Jeremy and I received the most unexpected, unplanned for surprise and found out we are indeed expecting baby number 3!! Talk about shocked, I don’t think that even begins to describe how I felt, but let’s start at the beginning.

It all started while Jeremy and I were on a date (no I am not going back to the very beginning, just when Jeremy and I started to think we may be in for a surprise).  We were actually on our date night for January out of the 12 months of dates I gave Jeremy for Christmas.

Anyways, we went to a Mexican restaurant where Wine and Palette was holding a class.  We had an amazing evening painting together and enjoying some yummy food.  While we were on a painting break we enjoyed some chips salsa and queso.

Now if you know me at all you know I do not like spicy food and almost never eat salsa, except when I was pregnant with the boys, spicy food was one of my first cravings.  Well, we were talking and eating and I reached over and mixed the queso and salsa together.  Jeremy looked at me and said “why did you do that?” to which I replied “because it tastes good”.  He sat there for a moment and then asked “Are you pregnant?” I was shocked he would even think that!  I told him no and we continued on with our amazing evening.

A few days later I was making Noah a bottle.  I filled the bottle up with water, set it on the counter, and reached over for the can of formula.  While moving the can of formula I bumped the bottle spilling all the water on the floor.  I cleaned it up and started the process again.  This time I had the formula in the bottle, reached for the nipple, and bumped the bottle again spilling formula all over me and the floor!!! I haven’t spilled a bottle in 6 months and here I am spilling 2 bottles within minutes of each other. I know I am always incredibly clumsy when I am pregnant. This got me thinking a little, but no it couldn’t be, my boys are only 6 months old……

About a week went by and I noticed I was two weeks late, but that could be from anything right? So I ignored it and went on with life.

A few days later I was rinsing out the boys’ bottle and preparing them for the next day.  When I took the lid off the first bottle the smell hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew that I was about to lose my dinner all over the kitchen counter! I think this was when I finally started suspecting that something was going on, but I still didn’t want to believe it.

That weekend at church I mentioned what was going on to a few friends who talked me into getting a pregnancy test.  I was so nervous! I had a gut feeling I was pregnant and to be honest it terrified me! I honestly believe children are a gift from God, but what was I going to do with 3 babies 13-14 months and under!? How was I going to take care of 3 little ones while finishing school? So many situations and scenarios raced around me head.

I did the pregnancy test and have never had one turn positive so fast!! Jeremy was ecstatic!!! I couldn’t believe it! Was he crazy!?!? I knew we wanted more children, but I never dreamed we would be having another one so quickly! I wasn’t sure I was ready.

I am nervous about having 3 little ones and finishing school.  I am nervous about dividing my time between 3 babies especially while the boys will be so little.  I have been working hard to lose my baby weight and I just am not sure I am ready to be pregnant again.  And most of all my little sister is getting married in Cancun in August and I knew I may not be able to attend her wedding.

I immediately felt guilty because I was not as excited as I should have been, I was honestly shocked.  It took me a couple of weeks to process everything and work everything out in my head. I am a planner and I like to have everything planned out, this was not a scenario I planned for, but it did teach me to always trust God and reminded me that His timing is always perfect.

Throughout those two weeks Jeremy was beyond ecstatic and so excited to be adding another little one to our family.  He would be leaving in the morning and kiss me and the boys goodbye and then turn to me and say “and then there will be another one I get to kiss!”.  I think his extreme excitement rubbed off on me, which was fantastic!

We were able to go to my Dr this week and finally got to see a great picture of our new little bean whom Jeremy has lovingly nick-named Beauregard….I know I know I tried to talk him out of it, but he insists…

Once we got to see the baby and I officially knew it was only one I could relax a little and start getting excited about the new baby.  Our life is definitely going to be crazy, but it is already a little crazy so what’s one more baby?!?

Jeremy and I had to try for the boys for a year and eventually had to use Clomid to have them.  We honestly never thought we would have a surprise and really believed we would have to use Clomid when we were ready for more children.  It is such a blessing that we were able to have a surprise baby and we didn’t have to use Clomid!

I also know that God’s timing is perfect.  He holds the plan for our life and He believes we are ready for baby number 3.  I have to trust Him and know He will equip me to be the best mommy I can be to these 3 precious babies!

I had to rethink school and after speaking with my adviser I discovered that I can take a leave of absence for 6 months after the baby arrives and then resume where I left off! By then the new baby will be 6 months old and the boys will be 19-20 months old.  I believe then I will be able to focus a little more on school and actually succeed at completing my Masters.

I did find out some information about this pregnancy that I was not expecting.  Because I recently had twins which caused my uterus to over-distend (it’s tough growing two babies) and then had to have a C-section creating a weak area in my uterus that has not completely healed I am at a very increased risk of pre-term labor and will possibly have to go on bed-rest towards the end of my pregnancy.

I honestly thought being pregnant with one baby would be easy and uncomplicated, I never imagined we could be facing a pre-term delivery and bed-rest, but again I have to trust that God is in control.

Because of the risks involved with this pregnancy I also found out that I cannot fly once I hit my third trimester, which so happens to be right before my sister’s wedding in Cancun.  I never imagined we would be pregnant again so soon, but I also never imagined that I would have to miss my only sister’s wedding.  I am absolutely crushed and this may be one thing I have a hard time letting go of.  My sister has been completely understanding and sweet about the entire thing and is so excited to have a new niece or nephew, but I am sad I will not be able to be there standing by her side on the biggest day of her life.

This new baby has already rocked our world upside down.  Although I was shocked at first, and still have some days when I can’t believe we are having another baby I am now excited! I am so excited the boys and the new baby will be so close together, I just know they will be best buds.  I am excited to add to our family! Jeremy and I have always wanted a big family and feel that children are the biggest blessing we could ask for.  We feel so immensely blessed that God decided to give us another child.  We honestly couldn’t ask for more.

So here is the start of our new adventure.  We have never been a family of 3 and are only going to be a family of 4 for a short time, but I think a family of 5 will be so much fun! Three times the smiles and giggles! What more could a Mommy ask for?

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4 Responses to And Baby Makes 5….

  1. Krystle says:

    Oh my goodness!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
    What a crazy ride of emotions for you!! Can’t wait to follow your pregnancy! HUGS!

    • Whitney says:

      Thank you so much! It was and still at times is a crazy ride of emotions! I am so excited and nervous at the same time! I will definitely be writing about this pregnancy. In a way I am excited to see how a pregnancy with a singleton differs from my pregnancy with twins. I have never been pregnant with just one baby!

  2. Caitlin says:

    WOW! Take it from me, three babies are maneageable. I can understand dissappointment re. sis’s wedding, praying for (another) miravle!

    • Whitney says:

      Caitlin, Thank you so much for the encouragement! I know that if you can handle 3 babies all the same age, hopefully I can handle 3 of different ages. It is a little overwhelming, but I know that God’s timing is perfect and He will provide the strength and help I need. I still cannot believe we are having another baby! I am praying something works out so I can go to my little sister’s wedding, I just hate having to miss it.

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