7 Months Old

Oh my!! My boys are 7 months old! When did this happen?  It seems like those first few months are all one big day since no one hardly sleeps, but now the boys are growing, becoming more mobile and curious about their environment, sleeping through the night (most of the time) and developing their huge personalities!

Each month is such a milestone, not just for the boys, but also for us! Each month is another month we have survived as new parents and parents of multiples.  I count each month as a victory for all four of us!

Every month we all learn something new, but just when I start to feel like I have finally got the hang of this mommy thing something changes.  But honestly, life would be no fun if it were always the same!

I still feel so immensely blessed that God chose me to be these two precious boys’ mommy and I feel honored that I get to be home with them to watch them learn, explore and discover new things!

Noah Riley

Noah is still just as laid back as ever.  He is our great sleeper, he is such a snuggle bear and almost always has a smile on his face.  He seriously is such an easy baby and can melt your heart with his precious smile!

Noah was a little slower than Ian at getting the rolling and sitting thing down, but now he rolls all over the place and has gotten really good at sitting unsupported.  I think he just had to want it bad enough.

He is such a laid back baby that he would reach for something and if he couldn’t reach it he would just decide it wasn’t worth it.  Now he watches Ian rolling all over the place and has decided he wants it bad enough.  One day he decided he wanted to explore all of his surroundings and started rolling all over the place and sitting up on his own.  We are so proud of him!

Noah makes us laugh all the time with the many faces he makes! This is his fish face, it is absolutely hilarious! He started doing it on his own one day which made Jeremy and I laugh.  Noah loved the attention he got from his fish face so now he does it all the time! This little guy is quite the comedian!

Noah also LOVES the zoo.  I have only taken the boys to the zoo about 3 times throughout the past month, but Noah loves getting to see and pet all the animals.  I think he is going to be our animal lover.

At our zoo there is a children’s area that has a petting zoo and a Lorikeet cage that you can go in and hold/pet the birds and pet all the animals in the petting zoo. Noah loves getting to hold the birds.  He was gentle, but he just wanted to hold them so badly.  He also loves to pet the goats in the petting zoo.  They just sit there quietly as Noah strokes their soft ears.

Noah also enjoys playing with the gorillas.  He would stand up (with assistance) and place his hands against the window.  The gorilla would sit on the other side of the window and place his hands right on top of Noah’s.  Noah then would look around at all the people gathered around us, smile real big and giggle, and then turn back to the gorilla and play with him for a while.  I think he could have stayed here all day!

Noah is such a precious little boy.  He brightens our day and brings so much joy to our life.  I am so blessed to have the honor of being his mommy!

Ian Timothy

Ian is an absolutely hilarious energetic baby who keeps us hopping and laughing all at the same time.  This little one has energy that lasts for day and does not have time to stop even for eating.  He is very much like the energizer bunny and just keeps going and going and going….

Ian has the biggest giggle, is extremely ticklish, and loves being tickled.  You could tickle him all day and he would just laugh and laugh.  He thinks our dog Ziggy is absolutely hilarious and will see her walking around the house and suddenly burst out in hysterical laughter.

Ian is our go-getter and is ready to conquer the world before he is one.  He rolls all over the house.  One afternoon I placed him on the floor, walked down the hall to put towels away in the bathroom and came back into the living room and couldn’t find Ian anywhere! Where would he go!?!? Well he rolled across the living room and squeezed himself between our end table and a chair, all I found were his little toes sticking out!

Ian is ready to start crawling! He is pulling his knees up underneath him and rocking back and forth, he even jumps his knees up to his hands! I think we are going to have a crawler on our hands before we know it! I guess we better start baby proofing our house!

Ian likes to kick the lay-and-play over to make a tent.  He even tries to do this while his brother is in it.  Most of the time Noah just lays there smiling! Ian is just so curious he has to see all the parts of everything and when the lay-and-play is upside down he can reach all the toys and play with the mat! What’s better than that?!?

One of Ian’s favorite toys is the jumparoo.  He could jump in that thing all day long! Occasionally there are times when he gets a little worn out and falls asleep in the jumparoo.  I use to take him out and try to snuggle him to sleep, but then he would wake up and decide he didn’t want to sleep so I started just letting him nap in the jumparoo. There are times he will sleep for 45minutes in that thing occasionally jumping himself back to sleep when he starts waking up.

Ian is the entertainment of our family! He brings laughter and smiles to the face of everyone he meets! He has never met a stranger and loves smiling at anyone who will smile at him.  He is such a blessing to me and I am so unbelievably grateful to be his mommy.

These boys are growing so quickly! I honestly cannot believe they are already 7 months old! When did they get so big and where are the months going?

We have officially survived our first 7 months of being new parents and parents to twins! I can now say at this point things are getting easier, we have a set schedule I know what all of their cries and whines mean, and I have even ventured out of the house a few times alone with them!

I love watching the boys grow and learn new things every day! I cannot wait to see what this next month brings! I think these next few months are going to be exciting and full of new adventures!


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2 Responses to 7 Months Old

  1. Caitlin says:

    They are certainly getting bigger! I love the interaction with gorilla! And how clever is Ian to knock over the lay and play?! (I normally call it a playmat! 😉 )

    • Whitney says:

      They are growing up so fast! It is so neat to watch what they discover and come up with. Now the boys use the playmat as a tent! They will even peak around the corner and giggle at you! I just love it!

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