Core Beliefs

Recently a saw a blog post where the blogger wrote about her core beliefs.  I thought it was such a neat idea so I decided to share mine with you.  I would love to hear some of your core beliefs as well!!

I believe in the importance of little things, making a cake for a friend’s birthday, remembering important events in your loved one’s lives, taking time for the little details.

I believe that no matter how stressed or rushed you are you still can be kind to the people around you.

I believe in smiling no matter how you feel.

I believe happiness is a choice you make ever morning and that joy is a supernatural peace or calming that God gives you in those moments when happiness seems unreachable.

I believe that God left hints of himself in the amazing world He created for us.  I believe that it is important to look around and stand in awe and amazement at this wonderful world He left us.  There is just so much beauty everywhere we look.

I believe in down time and not being so rushed in life that you cannot enjoy it.

I believe in family time and the importance of spending time with those you love.  I think it is so important to take a day without any distractions and just spend that precious time together.

I believe in love and marriage and the strength of a commitment.  Although divorce is rampant in the world we live in today I still believe incredible marriages are possibly.

I believe in open communication and the importance of not harboring ill feelings towards someone else.

I believe in forgiveness, second chances, and saying sorry even if you still feel that the other person was wrong.  Life is too short to let petty arguments ruin relationships.

I believe a good dessert can make almost any bad or stressful day better.

I believe in loving everyone around you and celebrating in our differences.  Our differences are what make us unique and should be celebrated and not judged.

I believe in taking time for your children, getting down on their level, doing things they enjoy and really spending time with them.  They are the most precious gift we will ever be given and we only have a short amount of time to invest in their life.

I believe that there are days when spending time with people or simply using your time to enjoy life is more important than washing the dishes in the sink or folding the pile of clothes in the chair.

I believe in the importance of a good education.

I believe in laughter and lots of it.

I believe in the importance of creating fun experiences and memories.

I believe we should do kind things for each other even if we receive nothing in return.

I believe one of the best noises in the world is the sound of my boys’ laughter.

I believe in at least 8 hours of sleep, until you have twins and then I believe in at least 4 or 5 hours.

I believe in reading and think that cuddling with a good book is the best escape from the world anyone could ask for.

I believe in admitting when you are wrong.

I believe that if you never fail you are not really trying or pushing yourself.

I believe in culture and the importance of exposing my kids to the arts and other cultures around us.

I believe in kissing “boo-boo’s” and making your children feel like they are the most important and loved beings in this world.

I believe that sometimes in life God takes you through situations or surprises you with experiences you never thought possible and even when those times are tough or even amazing, He is still faithful, all-mighty and all knowing and has the best possible plan for your life.

I believe that we can learn from past generations and our elders should be valued and treasured.

I believe that change is good and important even when I hate it.



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6 Responses to Core Beliefs

  1. Amanda says:

    Love your list! Thanks for participating in this weeks QOTW!

  2. Smiling is so important…it can make your day better even when you don’t see it coming! Fake it til you make it, right??

    • Whitney says:

      I completely agree! fake it til you make it! One day you will look up and realize you aren’t faking it anymore!

  3. Caitlin says:

    Adorable list Whitney. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Continue living a beautiful life. You improve our world. <3

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