8 Months Old

My boys are now 8 months old! They are growing up so fast and starting to look a lot less like babies and a lot more like little boys.

Each milestone makes me excited and sad at the same time. Excited because I love seeing them learn and grow and sad because I know this precious time is going by all too quickly.

Each month I tell Jeremy “this month is my favorite”.  I honestly have loved every stage the boys have been through so far and cannot wait to see what future months bring us.

This month the boys have changed so much and are keeping me on my toes.  I feel like most of my day is spent chasing babies and trying to keep them out of things.

I tend to let them explore because I think curiosity is good for them, plus it is fun to see what they find interesting.  But for safety reasons they have to explore with supervision, which means I follow them around all day.

I hardly get anything else done, but then I remind myself that this season will soon pass and I will be wishing for the days that I got to chase the boys around all day. Life is so precious and short, we really must treasure every moment.  The cleaning will always be there, but this precious time with my boys will not.

Ian Timothy

I think Ian has changed the most this month.  He learned how to crawl at 7 1/2 months and is really cruising now! He has also learned how to pull himself up and already thinks he can walk.

This little one has no fear.  He pulls himself up on almost anything now and then turns around, lets go of whatever furniture he is holding on to and tries to walk.  He quickly ends up falling, but he just doesn’t understand why he can’t get up and go.

Ian learned how to pull himself up on Wednesday of last week.  I put the boys down for nap time and could hear them laughing and talking to each other.  Then they suddenly became quiet, which is never a good sign so I peeked into their room and found Ian standing up in his bed!

I quickly laid him down hoping he would go back to sleep.  I guess he decided he wasn’t tired and promptly stood himself up again and climbed out of his crib!! Yes, my 8 month old climbed out of his crib and fell to the floor giving his Mommy a heart attack! By the grace of God he did not have a bump or scratch on him.  Jeremy and I lowered his crib that night to prevent any more crib climbing incidences, at least for a while.

As of this afternoon Ian can now pull himself up on anything! He is learning and growing so quickly! I honestly believe walking may be in our near future.

Ian is so curious and into everything.  He loves to explore Ziggy’s toys and dog food, he also enjoys chasing Ziggy around the house, stealing her ball and squeaking it at her! He is a mess, but so entertaining! We laugh at him all the time.

Ian is so full of personality, we truly enjoy everything about him.  I love watching his determination and how quickly he completes each milestone.  Ian is ready to conquer the world by his 1st birthday!  Ian is such a blessing to our family, making us laugh and entertaining us!

Noah Riley

Noah is the calm to Ian’s storm, which is ironic because the name Noah means “rest”.  Noah is very much our laid back baby.  He sits back and enjoys life as it comes at him.  He takes time to let you hug and snuggle him and is never too busy to laugh and smile.

Noah brings so much joy to our home through his huge smile that adorns his face most of the day.  Noah can find laughter in anything.  The smallest toy or sound makes him giggle nonstop.  He thinks his brother is among one of the funniest things he has ever seen.

When I hear Noah laughing I know that it usually means Ian is getting into something! A few weeks ago I was cooking in the kitchen and heard Noah (in the jumparoo) start laughing hysterically.  It was cute so I did not immediately explore the cause of such laughter until Noah kept laughing and I noticed he was looking at the dog food.  I came around the corner to find Ian in the dog food shoveling it out of the bowl as fast as possible as Ziggy sat behind him gobbling up all the food that had been thrown! These two sure keep me on my toes!

Although Noah is not crawling or pulling up yet he still can get around pretty well and is just as curious as his brother.  He recently found our game cabinet, figured out how to open the door and quickly pulled all the games out.

Noah may not be able to crawl yet, but he sure is rocking on his hands and knees.  I think he will be crawling by next month! He has figured out how to get around on his belly, he simply rolls wherever he wants to go and then turns in circles on his belly until he is facing whatever toy or direction he wants.  It seems to be working pretty well!

Noah loves to smile and laugh! He is smiling all the time.  Very rarely does Noah get upset, but if he does he is very difficult to calm down.  Noah is also very determined and it is hard to sidetrack him from something he wants.


Noah has decided he wants to be done with baby food and would prefer to eat only adult food, mostly the food from your plate.  I took this picture one evening when Jeremy was eating and Noah wanted some of his food.

This is the look Noah gives you until you share your meal with him.  He will eat almost anything, even if he doesn’t like it he will keep eating just because it came from your plate!

Noah’s favorite person is still his Daddy.  Once Jeremy is home Noah is a Daddy’s boy for the rest of the evening or weekend.  During the weekend there are even times Jeremy will put Noah in our Ergo baby carrier and just carry him around the house because Noah just wants to be close to his Daddy.

Noah brings so much joy to our life.  I love watching him learn and grow and I enjoy the snuggles he still stops to give me.  This little one’s smile can make any day better! He is such a blessing to Jeremy and I.

These two have kept us hopping from day one, but now they are growing by leaps and bounds almost daily.  Each day brings new curiosity and learning experiences.  Watching them explore the world around them is so much fun, it is so neat to see the world through fresh eyes.

Jeremy and I laugh at our precious boys all the time.  They bring us so much joy, we honestly couldn’t have asked for a bigger blessing than these two boys (and now we are getting another little one soon)!

I feel like God handpicked them for our family.  Just so we would get a glimpse of the love God has for his children and the joy we bring to His heart.

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