Week 16/40

We are officially 16 weeks along. I cannot believe it.  It seems like just yesterday we found out we were expecting again and now we are getting closer to the 1/2 way point (which was 18 weeks during my pregnancy with the boys).

This pregnancy has been so different than my pregnancy with the boys.  First I was so sick my first trimester, but now that has passed and I am feeling almost normal, just tired.  I think the biggest change with this pregnancy and my pregnancy with the boys is the difference in doctor appointments.

When I was pregnant with the boys I went to see my OB-GYN every 2 weeks throughout my entire pregnancy and we did an ultrasound at every visit.  We got to watch the boys grow and develop throughout the entire process.

Once I made it to 18 weeks I started seeing a high risk physician.  I would then alternate between seeing this physician and my regular OB-GYN every other week.  I honestly looked forward to the high risk appointments the most because we were able to do a 3D/4D ultrasound at every visit.  Those ultrasounds were amazing and the boys looked exactly like their ultrasound picture when they were born.

When we made it to 28 weeks I started having non-stress tests (NSTs) scheduled once a week, but I went twice a week every week because one baby or the other would not cooperate during the ultrasound appointments.  I also had to start seeing at least one of my doctors every week from this point until the boys were born at 36 weeks.

Throughout this pregnancy I have only seen my OB-GYN 3 times and had 2 ultrasounds done, one to confirm we were expecting and one because we couldn’t hear the baby’s heart beat.  During my last appointment with my doctor she asked me a few questions, we listened to the baby’s heart beat, had lab work done and I left.  It was so weird!

I have to admit I miss all the ultrasounds and the opportunity to watch this little one develop and grow.   I think I may just have to cave and book an appointment with Stork Vision so that I can have a few 3D/4D ultrasounds done and get to see this little one a bit more frequently.

During my pregnancy with the boys I started developing a severe pain in my right hip. I really thought it was a normal part of pregnancy involving the loosening of ligaments around my hip so I never said anything to my doctor.  I just knew that with that much baby weight I was going to hurt and be sore so there was no reason to complain.

After I had the babies the pain never went away, but I wanted to give it time for my hormones to level out before I decided to seek any medical advice.  Well the pain never went away and life got busy with two newborns so I just recently had the opportunity to talk to my doctor about what has been going on.

Both my OB-GYN and my family practice physician immediately thought it would be avascular-necrosis which is deterioration of the femoral head and is primarily treated by a complete hip replacement! I have no idea why everyone jumps to the worse possible outcome when seeking a diagnosis, but I was determined not to worry until we knew exactly what was going on.

My doctor and OB-GYN both agreed that I needed an X-ray or MRI to diagnose what was going on and that a MRI was the best and safest option for the baby.  So we had a MRI done.  One of the neat things about the MRI was that we got to see out little one snuggled in my womb!

How neat is it to see that little one in there?!? I am always just so amazed at how God truly does knit our little ones together in our womb.  Pregnancy is such a bigger miracle than we ever realize!

Once the radiologist looked at my MRI I was officially diagnosed with arthritis in my right hip.  My doctor thinks it occurred because of the immense weight of the boys during pregnancy.  It was such a blessing to find out it was arthritis because it means no surgery! Praise the Lord! However, there is not a lot we can do to treat the pain during pregnancy because the medication typically used for arthritis cannot be taken during pregnancy.

I have been trying hard to eat healthy and continue exercising, but there are times that the pain in excruciating.  I never knew arthritis hurt so bad and I know have empathy for anyone dealing with it.  I know this diagnosis is a blessing considering the alternative and that God will give me the strength to manage life with it even through a pregnancy.

On another more exciting note, we get to find out whether this baby is a boy or girl on May 8th! I cannot wait!! My entire family thinks it’s a girl, but I have no idea.  You just never know.  I thought the boys were both going to be girls and I was WAY wrong on that guess! My sister is coming in town for a wedding planning and wedding shower week from May 5th-12th.  Which means she will be here when we find out the gender of the baby! What a blessing it will be to have her here during that special time!

We are planning on finding out the gender of the baby and then hosting a small gender reveal party for our family to announce if the baby is a girl or boy.  I think it is going to be such a special time.  It will be neat to see who is right and who is wrong.

As we get further and further along in this pregnancy I cannot express how excited we are to add to our family.  We are so ecstatic to meet this little one and introduce him/her to the boys! I can’t imagine a bigger blessing or gift for us to look forward to this year.

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