9 Months Old

The boys are 9 months old (well technically they will be 10 months old on Thursday and I am really behind on this post, but they are still 9 months old now)!!

The months are just flying by! It is amazing how much they change and learn each month!

We just had the boys’ 9 month doctor appointment and Noah now weighs 23lbs 8oz and is 28 1/2 inches long which puts him in the 83rd percentile and Ian weighs 18lbs 13oz and is 27 1/2 inches long putting him in the 25th percentile.

They are both so different and their personalities show more and more each day!

Noah Riley

Noah is a total ham and all smiles! We joke that he is the world’s easiest baby, and honestly he is, but he has an ornery streak that is worse than Ian ever thought about being!

Noah starting crawling at 8 1/2 months old and is now pulling himself up and standing for a few seconds at a time unassisted! He also has learned how to wave, high-five and clap his hands.  He says Mama, Dada and Baba, but his favorite word is Dada, because Dada is his favorite person in the world!

Noah loves animals and really enjoys being outside and going to the zoo.  Every time we go to the zoo his favorite animals are the gorillas, otters and fish.

Noah is looking more and more like a toddler and I just can’t believe how big he is getting! He is such a joy to our home and a blessing to me!

Ian Timothy

Ian is ornery and energetic! He is always on the go! He honestly makes us laugh all the time! Ian learned how to crawl at 7 1/2 months and is now standing unassisted for 30seconds or more at a time, I think this little one might be walking soon.

Trying to get Ian to sit still for 9 month pictures was next to impossible, he is just so interested in everything around him that he doesn’t have time to sit still for pictures!

Ian can now say Mama and occasionally will say Dada.  He has also learned the word no and when you tell him no he will shake his head “no no no” at you.  He can clap his hands and will occasionally wave at you if he really likes you.  He loves to make noises and bark at Ziggy.  He also loves to be outside and play in the pool.  He is not shy and has never met a stranger!

Ian has recently become very attached to his pacifier.  I actually have to make him take paci breaks just so I can hear his sweet voice!

Ian is energetic and ornery but brings so much life to our house! He has the biggest smile and can make a room full of people laugh within seconds of meeting them!

The boys can now reach across their cribs and touch each other! They love it and find it hilarious! Often times I will hear them giggling over the baby monitor only to peek in their room and find them trying to touch each other’s hand!

The other day I put the boys down for a nap and heard Noah giggling, I figured he just found something funny and would fall asleep soon enough.  After his nap I went in to get him up and discovered that he had untied all the ties on his crib bumpers! There are honestly like 20 ties on those bumpers!

During the second nap time on that same day I put the boys down to sleep and they just weren’t having it, so I decided to just give them a few ounces of milk in their bottles hoping it would soothe them and help them fall asleep.

Well they did get quiet, but when I went in to get them up from their nap I found a very wet Noah and crib! Noah can now officially take the bottle lid off the bottle and pop the bottle nipple out! He dumped his milk all over him and his bed and was waving around the bottle nipple to show me how proud he was that he disassembled the bottle!

I feel like every day there is some funny story that happens! These two just keep me hopping! I honestly cannot believe how fast they are growing.  It seems like they learn something new every day and if I blink even for a moment they will be toddlers!

I feel so blessed to be their  mom and have the opportunity to watch them grow, learn and develop their relationship with each other! I can’t believe they will be 10 months old on Thursday, that means they will be 1 in 2 short months!!! Oh my! My babies are getting so big!!

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Wow! Look at Noah’s dimples! Adorable! Ian is active like four out of five of my bubs. Imogen will stay still a bit longer than the boys! Loved hearing all the funny things they do! They are certainly a handful!

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