Birchbox Month 2

My May birchbox came in the mail! I have to admit I have started looking forward to this little box every month.  It is just so much fun to know that little goodies will be waiting for you each month, plus it makes me feel a little pampered!

This month’s birchbox was the Gossip Girl edition.  To be honest, I have never watched Gossip Girl and really have no intentions of ever watching it, but I am all for special little boxes with amazing samples!

I opened the box and found information about my samples and a little bit about Gossip Girl, they also started a giveaway that had questions about the season finally of Gossip Girl and whoever answered the questions correctly could be entered to win $500 to spend at birchbox.

I still love the way they package all the samples with ribbon and tissue paper.  I think the little touches are so girly and special.

I love all the samples I received in this box.  I am also still using some of my samples from last month!

The first sample I received was Fresh Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment with spf 15.  This may actually be a product I splurge and purchase! I LOVE it! Since having the boys my makeup has become very minimal on most days (if I put makeup on).  I like that this lip treatment has a subtle hint of color and makes your makeup look complete even when you hardly have any makeup on.  It also makes your lips feel fantastic, which is amazing! This lip treatment retails for $22.50 so in my book it is a splurge, but very well worth it.

The next product I received was Kiehl’s Abyssine Cream.  Apparently Abyssine is a molecule that thrives in the darkest depths of the oceans originally found in the Galapagos.  This molecule fades wrinkles and neutralizes free radicals helping to delay the cellular aging process.  It really does make your skin feel fantastic, but at $48 a jar I think I am going to stick with my sample.

The third product I received was Miracle Skin Transformer Body with SPF 20.  This product evens out any imperfections on your skin and can be used all over your body.  You can purchase it with a tint or clear.  I really like this product a lot, especially to use as a moisturizer on days when I decide not to wear any makeup.  The tinting evens out my skin tone and helps hides some of the dark spots I have developed during pregnancy (oh the joys of skin changes during pregnancy)!

I was so excited to see another perfume sample in this box since my perfume from last month just recently ran out.  Jeremy said that maybe if I keep getting perfume samples that I like I won’t actually have to buy any perfume and I get a different scent every month.  🙂

This perfume is BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline Eau De Toilette spray.  It runs $45-$64 a bottle.  I really like this perfume because it does not have an overwhelming perfume smell to it, it is light and crisp but smells wonderful and seems to last all day.

The last item I received in my birchbox was a sample of their new stationary line.  It is cute and simple.  I enjoy sending handwritten notes to people and feel like we don’t do it often enough.

I really enjoyed my birchbox samples this month and the ones I’m still using from last month (especially the pumpkin enzyme facial scrub).  I cannot wait to see what comes in the mail next month!

This is not a paid advertisement, just something fun I found and love sharing with all of you.  If you are interested in birchbox it is $10/month and you can sign up here.

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