Happy First Father’s Day

When my Hubby became a Dad for the first time, he became the Dad of not only one, but two babies.

Before we had our precious little ones, newborns terrified Jeremy.  He had hardly ever held one (he would of preferred not to if it was up to him), they seemed so fragile and breakable to him, they made him nervous and most importantly he had never changed a diaper.

When we found out we were expecting not one, but two babies, Jeremy could not have been more excited! Although babies made him nervous and he swore that if he had to change a diaper he would throw-up he fell in love with our two boys the moment he saw them on the ultrasound and could not contain his excitement over being a daddy to two little ones.

Because I had to have a C-section with the boys Jeremy had to jump into fatherhood with both feet.  I was stuck in bed for the first 12 hours so Jeremy was on diaper duty and taking care of two newborns while caring for his wife who had just had major surgery.

He did it without blinking an eye and has never looked back.  Jeremy had been my team-mate from day one.  He has changed his fair share of diapers, he was up with me all hours of the night feeding babies and he has never once complained about the fact that as soon as he comes home from work he jumps in to help with the boys.

The truth of the matter is, parenting is hard work especially when your first children come in multiples, but Jeremy absolutely loves it.

When he is at work he can’t wait to get home to the boys.  Even though our evenings are some of the busiest times of the day he still looks forward to coming home and spending time with his boys.

Jeremy doesn’t just come in the house and say hi to the boys and then sit down to relax, he excitedly comes home, hugs each of them and then sits on the floor to play with them and give them his undivided attention.

Now when the boys hear the garage door open they crawl as fast as they can to the laundry room door just to greet their Daddy when he comes home.  I swear Jeremy gets the best welcome when he comes home!

Jeremy always puts the boys first and already sets an incredible example for them.  Jeremy is the strong leader of our family.  He spends daily time in the word of God so that God can use him as an example for our boys.  These boys already have an amazing example set before them of what a true man of God looks like.

Jeremy puts his family first always, making us his most important priority right under God.  These boys will never doubt the love their Father has for them or their Mommy.

Jeremy is my team-mate, walking beside me, always supporting and encouraging me.  Raising multiples is hard and after we first had the boys our world was turned upside down.  Our focus immediately shifted from each other to our two precious boys.  When there are two babies who need constant care, there isn’t much time left to invest in your relationship with your spouse, especially in those first few months.

One night I turned to Jeremy and apologized for how little time I had for him.  I wasn’t sure our relationship would ever be the same and I wanted him to know how much I loved him even if I couldn’t always show it.  He hugged me tightly and told me that this was a short phase in our very long life together.  Even though simple care tasks for the boys took up much our time, he knew I loved him and would always love him.  He then promised me that there would be a day soon when we would be able to go on dates again and truly invest in each other, but for right now God had placed these precious boys in our life and even though it was chaotic and all consuming those first few months would not last forever.

I’ll never forget all the love and support he has shown me especially over the past 10 months.  As the boys grow older they will not only see their daddy as a man of God, but also as a man who truly and deeply loves his wife and would do anything to support and encourage her.  What an example that will be for our precious boys!

Jeremy is dedicated, he never gives up, he is always pushing himself and striving to challenge himself.  He does all of this while still keeping God and his family as his top priorities.  Jeremy is constantly talking about the adventures him and the boys will have together.  I know all my boys will grow up with memories with their dad that can never be replaced.

Jeremy is investing in our boys’ life even now, when they may not remember it because he knows the impact a Godly Dad can have on a son.  He has chosen to never waste a moment and to always be sure his boys know just how much he loves them.

I cannot truly express what an amazing husband and dad Jeremy is.  He means the world to the boys and I.  I know as they grow up they will have an incredible example of a Godly man, husband and father.  They will have the foundation they need to one day become Godly husbands and dads themselves leading their families in the example their father laid before them.

Happy Father’s day to my amazing hubby! The boys and I are blessed by you each and every day!

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