Not Such a New Mom Anymore…

Today I took a nap, folded and put laundry away, vacuumed the house, cleaned the bathrooms and played with my two precious boys.  When did this happen?? When did I all of the sudden learn how to manage two almost 11 month olds and keep my house from falling apart?

Today I sat down and finally felt like I am not such a new mom anymore.  I have learned, I have grown and I can now shower on a regular basis!

I remember when the boys were newborns looking around at all my friends with singletons with jealously that they could easily leave their house and only had to worry about the schedule of one baby.

I also remember feeling bad that they only got to experience the giggles, smiles and snuggles of one baby.

I remember thinking that my house would never been clean or in order again.  That our laundry would never be washed AND put away.

I remember feeling like there was no possible way for me to care for two babies and manage the house, let alone go out to lunch with friends or try and take the boys anywhere by myself.

I remember thinking that I would never shower again, at least not without someone here to watch the babies while I did.  I remember wondering if I would ever wear make-up or get dressed in something without spit-up on it.

Although I had these feelings and thoughts I always have completely adored my boys and would never change my life for anything.  I simply could not imagine life without them, I just knew life would never be the same once they entered it.

But now, we have a schedule and routine.  There are times we even go out to lunch with friends and I venture out with the boys on my own.  I am able to get house work done on a daily basis and honestly my house stays fairly clean all of the time.

Speaking of cleanliness, I can now shower and even fix my hair or put on make-up if I want to.  I honestly feel like I can handle twins (and hopefully three little ones once Eli arrives) and most days are not difficult or even stressful.

I have so much to learn as a mom and each month brings new adventures and challenges, but although life is constantly changing I feel like I have officially lost my mommy training wheels and am now riding my big girl bike.

I honestly never thought this feeling would come, I never thought I would look up and feel like I could handle this, but now I know I can, I’m not such a new mom anymore….and I have to admit, this feeling is great!

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