Summer Fun!

This summer the boys are getting bigger so I have been trying to do some fun activities for them, especially before Eli arrives and we are stuck at home for a little while.

As an early birthday present Jeremy and I decided to buy the boys their very own baby pool.  They sure LOVE it! Ian loves crawling around like a caged lion splashing everyone in his way and Noah just loves to splash!

I wanted to introduce the boys to water early so that they wouldn’t be afraid of it.  It seems like my plan worked! I think the boys could spend all day in the pool!

We even took the boys to swim in a big pool for the first time!

I was a little bit nervous about how they would react to deeper water and being confined to floaties rather than crawling around a pool, but they seemed to love it!

Ian already thinks he can swim and loves to stick his face under water, which makes me nervous! We may have to start early swim lessons with this little one! Noah loves to float and splash and just play play play!

We have taken several trips to the zoo (although we haven’t gone in a week because the temperature here has been over 100 degrees for awhile) and the boys just love the animals!

Our zoo has an incredible kids area that has a river and splash pad for the kids to play in.  The boys love splashing and crawling around in the river.  It is truly the perfect end to a hot day at the zoo!

This weekend we decided to try finger painting with pudding.  This was one of my favorite activities as a kid so I figured the boys would love it, and they did!

We took the boys outside and gave them vanilla and chocolate pudding on a cookie sheet and let them have at it! Pudding is great because they can eat it and it won’t hurt them and it washes away very easily.

The boys had a fantastic time, and although my Hubby was a little nervous about them being so messy, I reassured him that boys are suppose to be messy and everything could be cleaned. 🙂

After painting with the pudding we rinsed them off with the hose and tossed them in the pool for a swim! It was such a fun afternoon.

This summer is already shaping up to be a fun summer! I know the boys won’t remember many of these early memories, but Jeremy and I sure will and I know we will have some specials ones from the boys first summer.

What are some fun summer activities you do with your little ones?  I would love some ideas for the boys!

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