Hello Third Trimester!

We are now 28 weeks along with baby Eli! I cannot believe it!  Baby Eli will officially be joining our family in 12 weeks or less.  Oh my goodness we are really having a third baby!

This pregnancy seems like it is flying by, I think it is because I am so busy with the boys that I’m not thinking about my pregnancy all the time.  I also think that carrying one baby is so much easier than carrying two babies so you are not as aware of it as you are when being pregnant with twins.

Up until this point I have been seeing my doctor once a month, but now I have to go every 2 weeks.  I cannot believe we are at this point already! I go back next week to do my gestational diabetes test (which I hate) and to schedule our C-section.  Craziness! This little man is really coming!

I was hoping I would be able to do a VBAC this go around, but my doctor is concerned with uterine rupturing.  Because everything was so stretched out with the boys and had not had time to return to normal we are at an increased risk for premature labor and my uterine wall is weakened from my previous C-section scar that is still healing.

I completely trust my OB and her judgement so if she thinks this is the best way to go, then I am all for it.  I honestly just want a healthy baby and Mommy!

Baby Eli at 24 weeks

I definitely don’t feel like my belly changes as quickly as it did with the boys.  I know Eli is growing, but I cannot express to you how different a singleton pregnancy is then a multiple pregnancy.

Being pregnant with one baby is so much easier on your body.  At 28 weeks pregnant I am just now getting to the point where I feel pregnant and things like bending over, shaving your legs and painting your toe-nails are a little more difficult.  I am hoping this pregnancy continues as it has been, completed uncomplicated and for the most part pretty comfortable.

28 weeks with Baby Eli                 28 weeks with the twins

Can you believe the difference in those two pictures?!?  I can’t believe how big I was with the boys! Praise the Lord I am not that big this go around!

The only problem I have had this pregnancy is my hip and that is getting a lot better.  I recently saw a physician who specializes in pain management and sports injuries and she believes I tore my labrum.  The labrum acts like the socket to hold the ball at the top of your femur in place.

My Dr actually said the arthritis looks great, but because of the labral tear the area had become very inflamed and swollen.  We tried several injections with steroids and lidocaine and she referred me to a physical therapist to meet with once a week.

My hip feels so much better.  I still have pain at nights sometimes, but have not had to take my pain medicine more than 3-4 evenings a week.  It is so amazing not to be in pain all the time! I feel like a new person!

I haven’t had many craving this go around, but the ones I have had are kind of random, not gross things, but random.  One afternoon I was dying for some fried pickles, these are delicious, but definitely not something we have every day.  Another random craving I have had is for snickers candy bars.  I can’t remember the last time I ate a candy bar so it is weird for me to suddenly crave one.

One of my main cravings is for cherry limeades from Sonic and Pepsi Icees from 7-eleven.  I think this is mostly because it is hot here (around 100 degrees most days) and they are just cold and yummy! I really haven’t had to many other cravings which is kind of different.  With the boys I had very specific things I wanted all the time, with Eli not so much.

Eli is super wiggly all the time! He likes to let me know he is there and he loves kicking his big brothers when they sit on his head.  They don’t even seem to notice, but Eli knows that there is someone invading his space and he does not like it!

Overall I could not have asked for a better pregnancy so far.  I am anxious to complete and pass my gestational diabetes test just to get it out of the way and to put Eli’s possible birthday on the calendar (although I think he is going to choose his own day and come a little early).  I am very ready to get his nursery completed and everything prepared for his arrival.

We cannot wait to meet this little one.  He already has two of the best big brothers in the world and two parents anxious to meet him.  I know the boys are going to love and adore Eli and when he gets older they will have so much fun together.  We are so excited to have Eli join our family and have the opportunity to love on him, snuggle him and kiss his precious cheeks!

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