34 Weeks and Counting

One the right I'm 34 weeks with the twins and on the left I'm 34 weeks with baby Eli

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have blogged about my pregnancy (well really blogged at all).  So much has happened recently that I needed to take a little break, but I am so excited to get back to blogging.

We are already 34 weeks along with baby Eli! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone or how different it has been from my pregnancy with the boys.

I was truly hoping I would be able to do a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) for my second pregnancy, but since I became pregnant so quickly after having the boys my C-section has not had time to completely heal (it takes a full year to heal internally).

My doctor is worried about the increase risk of uterine rupture if I try for a VBAC this go around.  I completely trust her opinion so we have decided to go with another C-section.  Since I am having a C-section you have to schedule ahead of time, so Eli officially has a birth day on our calendar.  The big day will be October 2nd, unless Eli decides otherwise!

On the left I'm 32 weeks along with the boys and on the right I'm 32 weeks with Eli. Look at all the extra shirt I have this time around!

We are now at the point of weekly doctor appointments.  We even got to do an ultrasound this last week. Eli was not feeling very cooperative so all we got to see was the back of his head. We did get to see a bright white halo around his head showing all the hair he has.  I think he may actually have more hair then Ian did when he was born!

This pregnancy has gone smoothly so far, but my blood pressure has started increasing a little bit.  Because of all the blood pressure issues I had with the boys towards the end of my pregnancy and postpartum my doctor has decided to monitor me very closely.

Now I am going in to see her every week and we will do an ultrasound with a biophysical profile during that appointment and then I have to go do an NST (non-stress test) every Friday.  I am so excited about the ultrasounds! Maybe I will get to peek at Eli’s sweet face before he is born! However I am not excited about the NSts.  I really thought I would get out of them this time around, but I guess I would rather be too safe then not monitor things well enough and miss something.

On the left I'm 30 weeks along with the twins and on the right I'm 30 weeks along with Eli

Since having twins I have gotten use to people asking me tons of questions and sometimes inquiring about things that are really non of their business, especially when I don’t know them at all.

However, when you are out with your 12 month old twin boys looking as pregnant as I do it apparently invites an entire new set of questions that almost always are not appropriate for someone to ask another person especially if you don’t know them.  Often times I brush over the questions without really answering them or I give them a very surface level answer.

Today I went for my first NST.  While checking in the nurse pulled up all my information on the computer and noticed I had recently had twins last July.

Here is how our conversation went:

Nurse: Our records show you were just here having twins last July

Me: Yes I was, they actually just turned one a few weeks ago.

Nurse: Wow, your babies are going to be so close together! Were you on birth control when you got pregnant with this one, because surely you couldn’t have planned to have three little ones so close together, no one would do that?

Me: (completely shocked by her comment) They will be close together, but children are such a blessing and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome a new little one into our home.  I am very excited that they are all three boys because I just know they will have so much fun together.

Nurse: Well, I would never want to do that to myself.

I have to admit I was a little surprised! As a RN myself I know sometimes we have to ask people personal questions to be able to care for them the best we can, but this was not a question she needed to ask and she definitely did not need to ask it that way.

Honestly I was completely shocked when I found out we were expecting again and I still have moments of disbelief or nervousness about integrating another baby into our family and caring for the boys post C-section.

Even though I know it will be overwhelming I also know that Eli is a huge blessing from God, he may not have been in Jeremy and I’s immediate plans, but he was in God’s plan for our family.  I couldn’t possible hope for more then to live in the midst of God’s plan.  Eli is already so loved and wanted, we just cannot wait to meet him!

I think the boys are starting to notice that something is up.  I don’t think they have any idea what is going on or will fully understand once Eli is born, but they know things are changing.  Noah now comes up and pats or pokes my belly, he does it in a way as if to say “Mom, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but your belly is getting kinda big…”.

Today, while Noah was patting my belly, I told him that it was his bubba, he just looked at me funny and then looked at Ian and said “Bubba”.  I know they are too young to really understand, but I can’t wait for them to meet their little brother.

Ian has no clue what is going on, he does notice my belly is growing, but he just thinks that it makes a fantastic step to use to climb on things.  This little one is always on the go!

On the left I'm 28 weeks with the twins and on the right I'm 28 weeks with Eli

Eli will be here before we know it! I cannot wait to meet this precious little one.  He is already so immensely loved and I know he will add more joy and laughter to our family then we ever could imagine.

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