13 Months Old

The boys are 13 months old and I cannot believe it! I guess I thought once we made it through their crazy first year life would slow down a bit, but I honestly think it has started going by faster!

I think every month has been my favorite month and this month is no different.  The boys’ personalities are really starting to show stronger than ever and they have gotten to be so silly.  We laugh at them and with them every single day.

Our house has been full of wrestling….

Escape attempts…

Furniture rearranging….

Laundry unfolding…

And amazingly sweet moments when we catch the occasional brotherly hug.

We have been trying to enjoy these last few weeks as a family of four and treasure each moment we have with just the boys.

The boys did get sick the beginning of this month, and it was a rough few weeks around our house.

They ended up with a lovely combination of coughing, snotty noses and vomiting.  I have never seen so much snot or done so much laundry in my life.  We have been blessed that the boys haven’t been sick in about 6 months, so this was a rude awakening for the entire family.

I am so glad that the boys are happy and healthy again! It is so hard when your babies are sick and they just want you to make them feel better and don’t understand why you can’t.

A huge blessing God has recently organized for our family is a new job for Jeremy in which he gets to work from home! I cannot express what a blessing this has been and God’s timing couldn’t have been better.  Being as pregnant as I am, my body gets tired and it has gotten really hard to carry two toddlers around on top of my pregnant belly.

With Jeremy working from home I can ask for help when he is not busy. Especially the week the boys were sick, it was so nice to have him home to help me strip the sheets off their beds (after multiple vomiting episodes) since my belly makes it to where I cannot reach the sheets to remove them or reach the clothes in the bottom of the washing machine.

It is amazing how God works out just what we need before we even know we need that! He really is watching over my family.

We took advantage of the few days of cooler weather we had and took the boys to the zoo one last time before Eli arrives.  They sure do love the zoo and enjoyed looking at all the animals and watching the gorillas play.

We even got to enjoy an afternoon at the park! I cannot tell you how ready I am for fall! I cannot wait for cooler temperatures, hot drinks, long sleeves, and all the yummy fall/winter foods!

Noah is just as sweet as ever.  He laughs all the time and is still our very laid back easy going baby.

Noah is picking up words right and left.  He can now say mama, dada, bubba, baba, nono, dog, fish (ish), nana, and hi.  He is also learning animal sounds, he can make cow noises, pig noises and bark like a dog! He can also show you where his head, tongue and belly are.  It’s the cutest thing you have ever seen! This little one is so smart and picks up on things so quickly.

Noah is now walking all over the place and recently decided he wanted to start climbing.  He is very careful about his climbing and stays away from the edge of the table and when we wants down he very gently scoots off the edge of the table feet first.  Noah is just so gentle about everything he does.  Ian however, climbs onto the coffee table and dives head first off the edge!

Noah is still a daddy’s boy and loves his dada more than anyone.  He has claimed his daddy’s hat as his own and now walks around either wearing his hat or carrying his hat.  He also loves to play computer games with daddy, especially when he gets to wear the headphones and listen to all the game noises.

Ian is like the energizer bunny who keeps going and going and going.  This little one never stops! He even will just pace around the house when he is bored, but hardly ever sits still (I actually snapped this picture right before nap time so he was still for a few minutes because he was tired).  It is really difficult for me to get a picture of him that is not blurry!

Ian can now say mama, dada, bubba, yes, no, and bye-bye (only when he wants to).  He also shakes his head no and yes, mostly no though and will blow kisses.  He can also show you where his head and belly are.  Even though he does not use actual words Ian is a talker! He wakes up every morning and has big stories to tell, I just wish I knew what he was saying.

Ian has decided that he does not want his highchair in the kitchen anymore, he would rather eat his meals in the living room.  So everyday he pushes his highchair into the living room and everyday I move it back.  I have no idea why he loves to rearrange the furniture.

One of Ian’s new favorite toys is this turtle.  He loves to climb on it and bounce, he even sings while he is riding! It is the cutest thing you will ever see!

Ian has gotten in this habit of skipping his afternoon nap which makes him really tired late in the afternoon.  When he gets so tired he eventually just falls over asleep and I find him sleeping in some of the most random places, like behind the recliner.  Sometimes he will lay there for a min or two and then pop up and start running again!

Ian also loves to be outside! Every day he walks by the back door and points outside asking to go out.  Since I have gotten so far along in my pregnancy it has gotten harder and harder for me to take them for walks and I know he misses that so much!

Ian has really become very affectionate this month.  He will walk over just to give you a hug and even gives kisses now, although they are open mouthed and very slobbery.  I just love his sweetness!

The boys’ personalities are so completely different.  Noah likes to sit on the piano bench and play the piano with one finger, while Ian prefers to dance on the keys.  I am amazed that God truly knit together their individual personalities and created all of their differences.  I treasure and love each one of their differences.

Once we entered month 13 we entered the world of tantrums! Oh my goodness! If this is one, I am terrified of two! I called my mom one day and told her about one of Ian’s tantrums, she then told me a few encouraging things and said “but he will be an incredible adult one day”.  This statement really got me thinking.

Some of the character traits I prayed for in the boys was their ability to stand up for what is right, that they would be driven so God can use them in mighty ways and they would not be afraid to speak up when necessary. Well I can now see all of these things manifested in my two 13 month olds.  Although I have to say it looks very different at 13 months than it will as an adult.

Although my boys are incredibly stubborn I now one day that trait will help them stand for what is right and give them the drive needed to do whatever God calls them to.  Even when Ian’s determination means I fight him day in and day out, I know this will be a trait that God can use in mighty ways.  Noah can become incredible determined and focused on one task even though that task may not be one I allow him to do, if this trait is nurtured he will be unstoppable.

Even though these character traits are difficult and challenging at times, my sweet mom reminded me how amazing it is that my boys are already exhibiting these traits and what a precious task I have of nurturing these traits so that God can use my boys in mighty ways.

I feel so blessed to get to be these two precious boys mommy! They have brought more love and joy to our home than I ever could have hoped for.  I just hope time slows down a bit so I can truly cherish every single moment I have with them.


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