Happy Birthday Hubby

Today is my amazing Hubby’s birthday.  Jeremy and I have been together for 13 years and will celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary this year. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband, best friend, team mate or father for my children.

In many ways I feel like Jeremy and I have grown up together.  I guess when you get married at 19 that happens.  Over the years I have watched Jeremy change and grow as man and now father.  He simply amazes me every day.

He is kind, gracious, giving, he loves to laugh and have fun, he has always taken care of me and provided for our family, he is supportive and encouraging, he is the spiritual leader of our family and is always challenging himself to grow in his faith.

He stands firm in his beliefs without ever offending anyone and still make each person feel valued and loved even when he disagrees with them.  Jeremy  is silly and goofy and always makes me laugh.  I absolutely love that he will laugh with me.  There is no way you can survive life with multiples plus one without knowing how to laugh.

Jeremy brings out the best in me and is always challenging me to be a better person, mom and Christian without even saying a word.

Jeremy is one of the most giving people I know and because of that situations to bless others always find their way to him.  When these situations present themselves he will always take time to meet the need whatever the cost.

Jeremy and I have gone on some amazing adventures in our 13 years together, but I think the biggest one started when we had our boys.

Jeremy was very timid around babies before our boys were born, but once they entered this world he became super dad and has never looked back.  Jeremy is absolutely amazing with the boys and they completely adore him because of it.

I know as the boys get older they have a very strong admirable role model to look up to in their Daddy.   He will always be there for them no matter what and love them through wherever life takes them.

I am so grateful that Jeremy was born on this day 28 years ago.  I praise The Lord that Jeremy found me and fell in love with me, and that God grew our hearts and family even bigger with the birth of our three boys.

I couldn’t imagine life without Jeremy my partner, team mate, best friend, comic relief, and love of my life.

Happy birthday my love! I pray this year brings you more blessings than any year before.  I love you and am looking forward to the adventure this year holds!



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