Activity 11/100: Jell-O Sensory Bath

Often times I find myself caught up in the tasks of raising three very small boys.  I reach the end  of the day and wonder if I was truly intentional as a mom.  Although I play with my boys hugging and kissing them many times a day I also am distracted by whoever is fussing, needing to eat or drink or changing one of the three adorable tushies still in diapers.  This year I decided to challenge myself to plan 100 different activities to do with my boys.  These can be small or big activities, but many of them involve items found around the house.  I am looking forward to a year of focused play with my boys.

Items Needed:

  1. A few different kinds of Jell-O
  2. Bathtub
  3. Two excited toddlers!

This activity was so easy and so much fun! I simply made the Jell-O in the morning and then we did this activity that evening before bath time which worked out perfectly.

The boys loved squishing and eating the Jell-O and I didn’t have to worry at all about them putting it in their mouths.

Once they discovered how wiggly the Jell-O was they had so much fun throwing it against the tub and watching it splat!

The most fun came when they decided to simultaneously throw Jell-o at Jeremy and I who were sitting on the edge of the tub!  They thought that was hilarious!

This activity was a little messy, but the Jell-O cleaned up very easily and could be washed down the drain with no problem.

I tried scooping the big chunks of Jell-O out of the tub after we were done playing, but Noah grabbed the bowl and had other ideas..

The boys loved this activity and it made the bathroom smell wonderful! Probably because the Jell-O was all over the bathroom from the boys attempting to throw it at us. Jeremy and I of course had to throw some back, but only because we were trying to defend ourselves and Eli.  I promise it was all to protect the baby.

This was such a fun evening activity! I think we will be doing this one again, if I can talk Jeremy into it. Apparently he has a slight aversion to sticky squishy things being thrown at him.  🙂


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