Activity 19/100: Pom Pom Color Matching

Often times I find myself caught up in the tasks of raising three very small boys.  I reach the end  of the day and wonder if I was truly intentional as a mom.  Although I play with my boys hugging and kissing them many times a day I also am distracted by whoever is fussing, needing to eat or drink or changing one of the three adorable tushies still in diapers.  This year I decided to challenge myself to plan 100 different activities to do with my boys.  These can be small or big activities, but many of them involve items found around the house.  I am looking forward to a year of focused play with my boys.

Items Needed:

  1. Multi-colored Pom Poms
  2. Muffin Pan

This activity was so easy and full of learning opportunities.  Simple divide up the pom poms into two different cupcake/muffin tins and then take the opportunity to teach your toddlers various colors and practice matching the colors together.

The boys really enjoyed this activity, especially Noah.  He is my detail oriented little one and he loved dividing up all the pom poms based on their color.

He did a great job and kept practicing for the rest of the afternoon.  He just carried his muffin tin and pom poms with him wherever he went.

Ian enjoyed matching the colors for all of 5 seconds and then he promptly flipped the muffin tin over and started throwing the pom poms across the living room.

Then he would pick them up and throw them again! Whatever makes him happy!

He did actually take the time to line up all his pom poms on the top of our fireplace. Then he knocked them all off and started again.

This activity was super easy and a great way to teach your little ones about colors.

When you finish, the muffin tins can also do double duty as hats!

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2 Responses to Activity 19/100: Pom Pom Color Matching

  1. Caitlin says:

    Such a great activity. Although I could imagine in our house we would be finding pom poms for about a year aftewrards!

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