6 Months Old

Our precious Eli turned 6 months old at the beginning of this month! I cannot believe we have reached the half way point of his first year.  I feel like time is just flying by and he is growing so quickly.

Eli is truly the happiest baby.  He hardly ever fusses (unless he is hungry or teething) and he is all smiles all the time!

When we found out we were pregnant with Eli I have to admit I was completely shocked.  The boys were only 5 months old and I was just getting the hang of managing two babies.  I felt like we were finally able to leave the house regularly, we could even sometimes go out to dinner.  The boys still weren’t sleeping through the night and I just wasn’t sure how I was going to handle 3 babies 14 months and under.

I spent the better part of my pregnancy worrying about how everything was going to work.  I just wasn’t sure I could handle it, but I had to trust that God was in control and He knew Eli was suppose to be apart of our family at exactly that moment.

Boy was He right! Eli is our sunshine and joy! He is such a sweet happy baby! Some days can be really stressful, but then I look over and Eli smiles his huge bright smile at me and all my stress melts away!

He has a way of bringing you complete joy and making you forget about anything that may be bothering you.  He loves to snuggle and will smile all day long.  He is easy going very laid back!

He is nearly the perfect baby (if only he would go back to sleep through the night)! I wasn’t sure God’s timing was right when we found out we were expecting Eli, but now I know His timing is always perfect!

I, we, needed Eli in our family.  He brings such happiness to all of us! Now, if I had a choice, I would have definitely planned on having Eli.  He has added so  much to our family in only 6 months of life.  I couldn’t imagine not having him.  It’s almost as if a piece of our family was missing, and God added that piece in Eli.

Our joy, smiles and precious sunshine!

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