Activity 26/100: Fabric Box

Often times I find myself caught up in the tasks of raising three very small boys.  I reach the end  of the day and wonder if I was truly intentional as a mom.  Although I play with my boys hugging and kissing them many times a day I also am distracted by whoever is fussing, needing to eat or drink or changing one of the three adorable tushies still in diapers.  This year I decided to challenge myself to plan 100 different activities to do with my boys.  These can be small or big activities, but many of them involve items found around the house.  I am looking forward to a year of focused play with my boys.

Items Needed:

  1. Empty wipe boxes
  2. Fabric Scraps

The other day my boys were running around crazy and Ian was attempting to set the record for the most tantrums thrown in one day! They desperately needed something to do and distract them and I needed to come up with an activity quick!

I found a few old wipe boxes that I had been holding on to (there just had to be something I could do with them) and some old fabric scraps, so I divided the scraps equally into each box and gave them to the boys.

They loved it! They would pull out the fabric and stuff it back in and repeat it over and over again.  It was such an easy activity to throw together and actually provided lots of entertainment throughout the day!

It wasn’t messy and didn’t require much clean-up afterwards! I decided to hide away the fabric boxes for another difficult day when the boys need a little entertainment.


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