Activity 28/100: Rainbow Spaghetti Bath

Often times I find myself caught up in the tasks of raising three very small boys.  I reach the end  of the day and wonder if I was truly intentional as a mom.  Although I play with my boys hugging and kissing them many times a day I also am distracted by whoever is fussing, needing to eat or drink or changing one of the three adorable tushies still in diapers.  This year I decided to challenge myself to plan 100 different activities to do with my boys.  These can be small or big activities, but many of them involve items found around the house.  I am looking forward to a year of focused play with my boys.

Items Needed:

  1. Cooked Spaghetti (cook according to package directions)
  2. Plastic bag or metal bowl
  3. Food coloring
  4. Vegetable Oil

After cooking the spaghetti, let it cool until it is cool enough to touch.  Divide the spaghetti into 4 bowls or bags.  Place enough vegetable oil in the bags/bowls to coat the spaghetti (about 1Tbsp per bag).  Put several drops of food coloring into each bag/bowl and shake until the spaghetti is colored.  Place colored spaghetti into the tub (or a kiddie pool outside) and let your little ones play away.

My boys loved this activity! They sat in the tub and wiggled and giggled as they moved around in the squishy spaghetti.

They would pick up handfuls and then put it on their head, on their brother’s head or straight into their mouths.

They played in the spaghetti bath for about an hour and had the best time!

As they played part of the spaghetti started rubbing off on the tub and I honestly thought it was staining my tub.  Once we finished playing and I began cleaning up, the tub wiped down with ease.  I simply took a wet washcloth and all the coloring came right off.

This was such a fun activity and we will definitely be doing it again! Maybe outside in a kiddie pool next time!

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