Funny little things…

Today, because my boys have been extra entertaining I thought I would take a moment to share some of the funny little things they have done recently.

They really are becoming quite the comedians.

The other day Noah came up to me and said “Agua peeez”.  I asked him again what he needed and he said “agua peeeez” and put his little first under his chin and smiles really big at me when he said please.  I guess my mom has been speaking to them in Spanish again….

Ian can now open doors, so he snuck into Jeremy’s office a few days ago.  I looked around my kitchen and noticed he was gone.  When I went to go look for him I found him sitting in Jeremy’s office chair just typing away on the keyboard.

We went grocery shopping on Sunday.  I had all three of the boys in the cart and was trying to strategically place all the food around them.  When we were checking out I was handing the food to Jeremy so he could could hand it to the cashier and I noticed that Noah had taken the tortillas and placed them behind his back.  He was using them as a pillow so he didn’t had to lean against the hard bars of the cart.

We recently received our monthly diaper shipment in the mail.  The boys love it when this arrives because they end up with lots of boxes to play with.  Noah took one box and turned it into a slide! He would slide down the middle of the box, run around it and slide again.  He had the best time!

One day this week Eli had gotten food all over his onsie so I took it off.  He then fell asleep before I could get him dressed again.  Once he woke up I went in to get him and found him naked in our bed!! He had taken his diaper off all by himself!!! He is only 8 months old, I thought I had a little longer before this started happening.

The other day I was trying to get Ian to tell me he loved me.  I asked him if he could say “love you”, he looked at me and said “Nope”! Later that day he came running up behind me and gave me a huge hug around the neck and said “Lub Eww Mamma”!

Jeremy went running last week and was very sore after his long run.  He was laying on the floor resting and when he got up he said “ouch” protesting his sore muscles.  Noah had been sitting right next to him and when he got up with his he also said “ouch ouch ouch” and then continue to say that and limp around anytime he walked anywhere!

Jeremy was home with the boys the other morning and said he heard Noah in the living room yelling and freaking out.  He came in to find him hitting something on the floor over and over with a ball.  He thought maybe he was killing a bug, but later discovered it was merely a piece of brick.  He then sent me a text telling me I had to stop freaking out when I kill bugs because Noah is picking up on my distaste for creepy crawlers!

Noah now says “eeewww” as he is attempting to kill bugs…I can’t help it! They are just so gross!!

Ian came up to me the other day while I was holding Eli and said “mamma, mamma, mamma” I replied “what bud?” he then held out his hand and tried to give me something and I asked him what it was.  He said “ere go” (here you go) so I asked him again what it was to which he replied “ere go” trying to give it to me again.  I put out my hand and he handed me a worm! He then said “EEEWWWW!!!” as he ran away laughing!

The other day I caught Ian stuffing popcorn down the vent.  I went over and asked him “Ian buddy, are you stuffing popcorn down the vent?” He quickly raised his hand up and said “No way Mamma!”  There were about 8 pieces of popcorn in the vent…

These boys have just gotten to be so much fun! They are always saying things that make us laugh and bring joy to our home. I can’t wait to hear all the things they have to say as they start talking more!

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