I am so sorry I have been MIA this month.  We have been busy enjoying the summer and then last week my entire house (except Jeremy) got sick.  3 sick little ones and 1 mommy sick is no fun at all!

It started on Father’s Day when we discovered Ian was running a 101.5 fever.  He seemed ok until Monday when his fever just kept going up.

I love anything all natural and try to avoid medications with the boys when I can so I usually use Young Living essential oils to treat any illness they have.  Peppermint essential oil is great for keeping fevers down, but I was out and Ian’s fever got up to 103.8! I used Melrose and Lemon essential oil and alternated between Tylenol and ibuprofen all day and could barely keep his fever under 103.

By Tuesday he had started coughing and now Noah and Eli were both running fevers as well.

By Wednesday Ian had started with a croupy seal like bark and I knew immediately he had croup.  We have been fortunate enough to avoid croup so far, but I guess it had to hit our house eventually.

The cough made me nervous because it sounded so awful.  I knew there wasn’t much I any physician could do for Ian except give him steroids to decrease the inflammation and steroids make this little one crazy! Almost unbearably crazy.

I decided to try a few essential oils on him so I mixed up a concoction with essential oils that are strong anti-inflammatory agents and rubbed it on his throat.  You could immediately hear the sound of his cough change.  It still didn’t sound good, but it didn’t sound as barky either.

By Wednesday evening I was running a fever and my throat had started hurting.  I immediately made Jeremy start taking antibacterial and antiviral essential oils in a capsule to keep him from getting sick (maybe that’s why he never got sick).

By Thursday my throat hurt so bad I could barely talk, all three of the boys were coughing and running fevers and  we hadn’t slept hardly at all since Sunday.  I diffused several essential oils to help to boys relax, decongest them and soothe their coughs.  I also applied essential oils to their chest and feet several times throughout the day.  My favorite essential oils for respiratory issues are R.C., Peace & Calming and Eucalyptus Globulus.

Thursday morning I decided to make up a homemade cough/sore throat syrup.

This stuff is amazing! You simply chop up 1/2 a lemon, put it in a small 4oz glass jar (I used an old baby food jar), fill the jar with honey and then top it off with 7 drops thieves essential oil and 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil.  You then place 1tsp of this mixture in a cup of warm water.

I loved drinking this in a cup of hot chamomile tea.  It tasted great and numbed my throat so it didn’t hurt anymore.  It was amazing! I gave this to the boys just straight out of the jar, it doesn’t taste very good that way, but it is incredibly effective.  It helped their coughs so much! We went through this entire jar by the end of the week.  It was great, especially since you can’t find cough syrup for little ones.

Finally by Monday, after a week of everyone being sick, my boys were smiling again! We all still have coughs and some congestion hanging around, but the boys are back to normal and up to their ornery shenanigans again.

In fact, on Monday they broke into our pantry and got a hold of a bottle of agave and then poured the entire bottle all over my kitchen floor, cabinet and walls.

I was rocking Eli to sleep in the living room and the boys were in the kitchen being quiet so I knew they were doing something they weren’t suppose to, but I just wanted to get Eli to sleep.  A few seconds later Ian came walking into the living room with a napkin stuck to his hands.  I guess he decided to try and clean up, but the napkin kept sticking to him which made him mad so he came to get me to help him.

Yesterday I was making the boys smoothies for breakfast and though I had the giant Sams size bag of frozen sliced strawberries pushed back on the counter where they couldn’t reach it, but apparently they grew some in their sleep.

They reached up, grabbed the bag and dumped all the strawberries all over the floor.  Noah kept putting them in a measuring cup so I asked him what he was doing and he said “smoovies smoovies”.  I guess he thought he would just make his own smoothie.

Let’s just say this is quickly becoming one of my favorite essential oil blends to diffuse around my house.


*If you are interested in using essential oils or would like to know more about them I would love to talk to you.  Please feel free to e-mail me at wwaller3@gmail.com.  These oils have immensely blessed my family and I just love to share them with everyone.

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